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How to Buy BLST Token
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About Crypto Legions




Device: WEB


Blockchain: BINANCE


Status: LIVE

What is Crypto Legions?

Crypto Legions is a play-to-earn game set on a future earth that has become toxic to human beings. 

The world’s remaining humans have taken to the stars. And on a remote planet they have discovered a resource that could change everything: Bloodstone.

Bloodstone provides immunity from the UV radiation that has made earth unlivable and it radically extends the human lifespan. BLST, the cryptocurrency associated with the treasure, is the galaxy’s most coveted resource.

Hunting for Bloodstone is dangerous. The planet where it is found is home to fierce monsters. You’ll need an army of warriors and beasts to fight beside you – and they require payment in BLST.


The more BLST you get, the more legions you can send against the monsters and the more Bloodstone you can find.

You could even build up a large enough hoard to live forever.

BLST tokens can be traded in the Crypto Legions marketplace. In Crypto Legions, the process of minting NFTs is called summoning. If you get enough BLST, it can build you an army capable of defeating the monsters and allowing you to mine ever more BLST – potentially making Crypto Legions both an engrossing game and a reliable income source for players.

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How to Buy Crypto Legions (BLST) Tokens Now

1. Set up a MetaMask wallet

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that is implemented as a browser extension on PCs and an app on mobile devices. Visit metamask.io and select “Download” and you will receive the proper version for the device you are using. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Create a wallet and password.

Under Settings, select Networks > Add Network. Follow the instructions to add the BNB mainnet to your MetaMask wallet. Use the Account Details menu on MetaMask to display the numeric code that is your MetaMask BNB wallet address.

2. Purchase BNB tokens at Kriptomat

Buy BNB tokens using the tool on this page. Transfer the BNB to your MetaMask BNB wallet address.

3. Swap BNB for BLST at PancakeSwap

Navigate to PancakeSwap, press Connect, and select MetaMask.

Start by swapping some of your BNB for Wrapped BNB, or WBNB. There’s no transaction fee for this swap, but don’t swap your total BNB balance – you’ll need a little BNB to pay the transaction fee in the next step.

Now you can swap WBNB for BLST. This is why we advised you to save some BNB – to pay the transaction fee.

4. Add the BLST to your MetaMask wallet

The BLST tokens are yours at this point, but they may not be visible in your MetaMask wallet until you add them manually. Visit coinmarketcap.com and locate the token contract address for BLST, then open MetaMask, select “Add token,” and paste in the address.

5. Play Crypto Legions

Now that you have BLST tokens, you can get full access to all the features of Crypto Legions.

Good luck to you and your legions as you face the monsters!

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