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How to Buy KCT Token
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About Kingdom Clash




Device: WEB


Blockchain: WAX


Status: PRE-SALE

What is Kingdom Clash?

Kingdom Clash is a Sims-like play-to-earn simulation game in which players embark upon epic battles to fight for the freedom of their kingdoms.

Kingdom Clash is set in a medieval world in which cruel wars are being waged among different kingdoms. You may find yourself embodying or battling the strategic and disciplined Yasuda, the aggressive Gunks, or the mystical Imunabi.

You can find or purchase NFTs that can help you build your kingdom, recruit an army, and capture the World Wonder.

Within your kingdom, you can create NFTs. A lumber camp produces wood, mines yield gold, quarries provide stone, and wheat farms produce food. You can also purchase or trade these tokens on the Alcor exchange. A fifth token, KCT, serves as the in-game currency.

Ultimately, it is your job to develop a strategy to defeat your enemies, build alliances, and conquer the World Wonder.

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How to Buy Kingdom Clash (KCT) Tokens Now

1. Set up a WAX Cloud Wallet

It’s easy to set up a wallet by visiting the WAX Cloud Wallet website. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Create a wallet and password.

Use the Account Details menu on your WAX wallet to display the code that is your WAX Cloud Wallet address. It ends in “.wam.”

2. Purchase WAX at Kriptomat

Use the tool on this page to purchase WAXP tokens, using the WAX Cloud Wallet address as the recipient address. Visa and Mastercard support means you can complete this process in minutes.

3. Connect Your WAX Wallet to the Alcor Exchange

Navigate to Alcor Exchange and select “Connect Wallet” to connect your WAX Cloud Wallet.

4. Purchase Kingdom Clash KCT tokens

You can swap WAXP tokens for Kingdom Clash KCT tokens at the Alcor Exchange. Once you have the tokens, you’re all set for full access to all the features of Kingdom Clash.

Good luck to you and your army!

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