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Civic (CVC) is a non-profit identity verification service that provides consumers with a decentralized and open-source platform to exchange and verify personal information.

Using the Civic (CVC) token, users can access a safe and easy way to transact through the non-custodial, multi-sig Civic Wallet. Using’s blockchain-based ecosystem, invaluable documents and data can be shared and verified in a secure environment without the need for a trusted third party.

CVC is also used to incentivize stakeholders to participate on the platform and deter them from behaving maliciously. The Ethereum-based token power’s Civic’s identity verification protocol, and reduces the need for service providers to constantly re-verify identifying information

The project aims to not only make the process of identity verification quicker, but cheaper too. According to Civic co-founder and CEO, Vinny Lingham, “[As] the cost of identity verification starts to lower globally, [it] then becomes easier, safer, cheaper, and more secure to issue digital identities to everyone in the world in the future.”

In a blog post from late-2019, he also mentioned that this will lead to better data hygiene, ensuring companies only take the minimum amount of data required.


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