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why kriptomatpay

Why KriptomatPay?

It’s great to get paid in crypto – but who has time for all those wallets with their private keys and high transaction fees?

KriptomatPay is the answer. This exclusive program offers freelancers like you an easy-to-use multi-currency wallet with reduced fees and access to the full suite of Kriptomat investment tools.

KriptomatPay Benefits


Convert to/from fiat currency quickly and easily


Receive and send payments in 200 popular cryptocurrencies


Special discounts for influencers and youtubers


Earn high interest on savings


Save time with the industry’s easiest UX in 22 European languages


Build your crypto portfolio securely with automated investment tools

Your Ideal Payment Solution

KriptomatPay delivers all the benefits of crypto payments without the high fees, complicated procedures, and location-based withdrawal limits of other platforms.

Best of all, this service is from Kriptomat, the EU-licensed, secure, easy-to-use platform for crypto users and investors in Europe and throughout the world.

kriptomatpay benefits
ideal payment solution

KriptomatPay is the best way to pay and get paid in crypto. You’ll receive and manage crypto payments with no limits – and the market’s lowest fees.

It’s no wonder Kriptomat is the trusted choice of thousands of YouTube broadcasters, Twitch streamers, competitive gamers, and freelancers.

It’s easy to get started with KriptomatPay. Just create a Kriptomat account by selecting a user name and password, then completing our streamlined identify-verification process.

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