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Metal (MTL)

Metal was created to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses and built to be the easiest on-ramp into the world of blockchain. Its ecosystem lets everyday users participate in the community by offerings rewards (MTL) for sending and receiving money.

We all know the story of the youngest Bitcoin millionaire. Erik Finman bought Bitcoin at $10, starting an online education business with the profits when he was just 15.

In 2019, Finman made an undisclosed angel investment into Metallicus, the startup behind the ‘all-in one cryptocurrency banking platform,’ Metal Pay. With fast and cheap payments in mind, transactions made in MTL incur zero fees. MTL holders also get loyalty benefits, and pay discounted transaction fees when buying other cryptocurrencies on the MetalX exchange.

Metal Pay is one of the few FDIC-insured on-ramps from fiat to cryptocurrencies in the U.S. Though the platform was initially Ethereum-based, the rebranded MTL token, XMT, has since shifted to its own blockchain platform, Proton.

The shift to XMT has allowed for better adoption across the Metal ecosystem, increased opportunities for on-chain utilities, and integration with the Proton wallet. According to Metal Pay CEO Marshall Hayner, Proton is, “a blockchain that’s integrated into your bank.”


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