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Currency Price Change 24h Price graph (7 d) Trade
Bitcoin BTC 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy BitcoinBuy
Ripple XRP 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy RippleBuy
Ethereum ETH 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy EthereumBuy
EOS EOS 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy EOSBuy
Litecoin LTC 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy LitecoinBuy
Stellar XLM 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy StellarBuy
TRON TRX 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy TRONBuy
Bitcoin Cash BCH 0.00 EUR 0,00%
How to buy Bitcoin CashBuy
Cardano ADA 0.00 EUR 0,00%
How to buy CardanoBuy
Monero XMR 0.00 EUR 0,00%
How to buy MoneroBuy
IOTA IOTA 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy IOTABuy
Dash DASH 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy DashBuy
DAI DAI 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy DAIBuy
NEO NEO 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy NEOBuy
Ethereum Classic ETC 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy Ethereum ClassicBuy
NEM XEM 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy NEMBuy
Zcash ZEC 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy ZcashBuy
Tether USDT 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy TetherBuy
Augur REP 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy AugurBuy
Gnosis GNO 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy GnosisBuy
0xProject ZRX 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy 0xProjectBuy
OmiseGO OMG 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy OmiseGOBuy
Enjin ENJ 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy EnjinBuy
Status SNT 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy StatusBuy
SunContract SNC 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy SunContractBuy
Metal MTL 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy MetalBuy
Civic CVC 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy CivicBuy
Request Network REQ 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy Request NetworkBuy
FunFair FUN 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy FunFairBuy
Propy PRO 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy PropyBuy
Loopring LRC 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy LoopringBuy
TezosXTZ 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy TezosBuy
CosmosATOM 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy CosmosBuy
VechainVET 0.00 EUR 2,43%
How to buy VechainBuy

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Crypto Prices FAQ

How much does cryptocurrency cost?

Cryptocurrency costs vary from project to project, crypto to crypto, even minute to minute. Live crypto prices are shown above. Kriptomat sources crypto from multiple locations and provides customers with the best possible rates with maximum security at all times.

What is the cheapest cryptocurrency to buy?

Cheap cryptos can be appealing with the expectation they can become worth much larger amounts further down the road. Many crypto’s cost a few cents each, or even less. The crypto markets are unpredictable. Take time to explore each coins project details. A higher cost crypto may have far more potential for growth than the cheapest.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment?

The trend towards digital assets and smart contracts is only just beginning. With analysts projecting upwards of $300,000 per Bitcoin by the end of 2021, and financial institutions gradually building their own crypto portfolios, we leave it to the reader to decide whether cryptocurrency is a good investment… or perhaps the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

How many cryptocurrencies are there?

Thousands of crypto’s now exist with more being created every day for different uses around the world. The majority of crypto’s are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is ‘cryptocurrency market cap’?

Crypto market cap is a measure of the total value of a cryptocurrency or the crypto market as a whole. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the total supply of a cryptocurrency (how many of them are available in circulation) by the cost for each one. As an example: the total possible supply of bitcoin is 21 million bitcoins, with some projecting a potential price of $1M per bitcoin, which would mean a total market cap of … a lot. Try it on your calculator. As of today, the total crypto market cap (of all cryptocurrencies combined) is still relatively small compared to other industries.

How is the price of a digital currency like Bitcoin determined?

Price is determined by many competing factors that ultimately influence the moment to moment supply and demand from the market. Taking Bitcoin as an example, its scarcity is hardcoded into bitcoin blockchain with a finite supply of 21 million coins, expected to be reached in the year 2140. Bitcoin can be divided into 8 decimal places, and the smallest unit known as a satoshi. One satoshi is one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin, or 0.00000001 BTC.

Among other things, it is the first real global payment system and decentralised digital currency that enables or at least promises a better future, especially for those who don’t have access to world banking. As national fiat currencies fluctuate in value, so too will the price of each bitcoin. Particularly as impacts of hyperinflation and money printing continue by Governments and Central Banks around the world. Cryptocurrencies act as a hedge against inflation, while providing financial inclusion to countless millions who do not have access to normal banking. These and other factors all influence the market perception of bitcoins value at any time, creating the conditions for determining the price on the basis of real-time supply and demand.

What is the bitcoin price today?

The price of bitcoin is updated moment to moment based on fluctuations in the marketplace between buyers and sellers. See the live bitcoin price above in the list of cryptocurrency prices.