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Request (REQ)

Request is an Ethereum-based platform that allows anyone on the network to request and receive payments in any currency.

At its core, Request is somewhat similar to PayPal, but their goal is to diversify into payments like service invoices, B2B transactions, and government fund transfers. The project is backed by seed money startup accelerator Y Combinator, a firm that has an infamously low acceptance-rate of below 2%.

The Request network uses the ERC-20 REQ token, which ensures platform performance and stability, and also acts as an intermediary for currency exchange. Further, it is also used in decentralized governance to facilitate community voting.

Transaction fees are sent to a burner contract, and since REQ has a fixed supply of nearly 1 billion tokens, this makes the asset scarcer with usage.

The team has also partnered with Kyber Network to help with cross-currency payments, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to provide blockchain solutions to business clients. Additionally, Request has been audited by blockchain security solutions firm, Quantstamp.


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