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Status (SNT)

Designed on Ethereum, Status is an open-source messaging service built to interact with apps on the network. Its token, SNT, is primarily a utility token used to power its push notifications market, network governance, and curating content on the platform.

The Status team aims to promote mainstream adoption of decentralized applications on the web while maintaining the philosophy of the blockchain world – censorship resistance and decentralization.

The project has four main components: Incubate, Embark, Studio, Nimbus, and Keycard. Incubate provides support to early-stage startups developing open-source software by providing funding, technical support, and advice on regulatory compliance.

Embark provides a development framework to write and deploy DApps, while Studio acts as an integrated environment for novice and professional developers alike to learn more about developing decentralized applications.

Keycard is a hardware wallet that lets users store their cryptocurrencies offline, away from hackers and malicious users on the network. The open-source wallet is compatible with any ERC-20 token, including ETH.

Status allows users to browse and interact with thousands of decentralized applications, send and receive encrypted messages peer-to-peer, and store digital assets. The Status community also developed infrastructure tools to empower other members and build a better web.


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