Opyn Squeeth

Opyn Squeeth Cena OSQTH

Set Opyn Squeeth (undefined) Cena

Price performance

All time high
Najviša cena ikada dostignuta kriptovalutom.
All time low
Najniža cena ikada dostignuta kriptovalutom.
Minimum - 24h
24h - najviša
Pre 1 nedelje
Pre 1 meseca
Pre 6 meseci
Pre 1 godine

Tržni pocatki

Tržišni rang / Dominacija na tržištu
Tržišna kapitalizacija
-- €
% za 24h
Obim trgovanja u 24h
NaN €

osqth Снабдевање

Količina u opticaju
The number of coins or tokens that are publicly available and circulating in the market.
Ukupna ponuda
The total amount of coins or tokens that currently exist, excluding those that were burned or destroyed.
Maks. ponuda
The maximum number of coins or tokens that will ever exist for a cryptocurrency.

osqth Информације

The classification of a cryptocurrency based on its primary use case or functionality.
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