Fees and limits

Transaction typeFee %Minimum fee
Buy (Euro to Crypto)
1.45%1.45 EUR
Sell (Crypto to Euro)
1.45%1.45 EUR
Credit card buy
Additional charges may apply for purchases below 100 EUR and additional fees may be charged by your card issuer.
Exchange (crypto to crypto)
Skrill buy
Additional charges may apply for purchases below 100 EUR
Neteller buy
Additional charges may apply for purchases below 100 EUR
Zimpler buy
Sofort deposit
3.95% + 0.35 EUR fixed fee
CurrencyWithdrawal fee
Bitcoin (BTC)
0.0006000 BTC
Ripple (XRP)
0.0240000 XRP
Ethereum (ETH)
0.0060000 ETH
Withdrawal not available
Litecoin (LTC)
0.0012000 LTC
Stellar (XLM)
0.0000240 XLM
1.2000000 TRX
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
0.0001200 BCH
Cardano (ADA)
Withdrawal not available
Monero (XMR)
Withdrawal not available
Withdrawal not available
Dash (DASH)
0.0060000 DASH
0.6000000 DAI
Withdrawal not available
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Withdrawal not available
Withdrawal not available
Zcash (ZEC)
0.0001200 ZEC
Tether (USDT)
4.0800000 USDT
Augur (REP)
0.1200000 REP
Gnosis (GNO)
0.0060000 GNO
0xProject (ZRX)
6.6000000 ZRX
OmiseGO (OMG)
1.8000000 OMG
Enjin (ENJ)
19.2000000 ENJ
Status (SNT)
600.0000000 SNT
SunContract (SNC)
44.4000000 SNC
Metal (MTL)
10.8000000 MTL
Civic (CVC)
90.0000000 CVC
Request Network (REQ)
84.0000000 REQ
FunFair (FUN)
600.0000000 FUN
Propy (PRO)
12.0000000 PRO
Loopring (LRC)
24.0000000 LRC
TransactionTrade limit
Daily SEPA deposit and withdrawal25,000.00 EUR
Monthly SEPA deposit and withdrawal200,000.00 EUR
Crypto deposit & withdrawalNo limit
Daily limit for other payment methods500.00 EUR
Monthly limit for other payment methods5,000.00 EUR

SEPA fees

Kriptomat does not charge fees for SEPA deposits and withdrawals. Our banking partners might be charging a fee and, depending on a banking partner dedicated to your country of residence, a flat fee or a percentage of the transaction can be charged.

Please note, that in some cases your bank may charge additional fees for transfers between your bank account and your Kriptomat account.

Fee rounding

Our fees are calculated to two decimal places and all fees which might exceed this limitation are rounded up. The rounding up is executed in such a way that the second decimal digit is always one digit value higher than it was before the rounding up. For example; a fee of 0.123 will be charged as 0.13.

Crypto limits and fees

The crypto withdrawal/sending amount must be in the minimal value of 15 EUR. Kriptomat doesn’t take any fees for regular crypto transactions, there is only a small fee to move the ERC20 tokens into the Kriptomat wallet.

Minimum trade amount

The minimum allowable trade value is 30 EUR for any trading pairs.

Minimum Fiat deposit

The minimum SEPA deposit to Kriptomat is 35 EUR.

NOTE: The fees are not subject to VAT.