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Les 5 meilleures crypto-monnaies pour les jeux vidéo

Les crypto-monnaies sont lancées pour de nombreuses raisons. Certaines sont destinées à remplacer la monnaie fiduciaire en usage général, tandis que d'autres sont frappées pour des usages spécifiques. Voici un aperçu rapide de cinq crypto-monnaies qui sont faites sur mesure pour les jeux vidéo.

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Le guide ultime du Dash

A descendant of Bitcoin via Litecoin, Dash is a cryptocurrency-hosting blockchain that provides Bitcoin compatibility while sidestepping anonymity and transaction-speed weaknesses that have compromised Bitcoin's suitability for many applications.

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Le Guide Ultime du Maker

The Maker platform is an ecosystem for creating and hosting blockchain-based apps. More than 400 projects currently rely on Maker's Dai token, including wallets, decentralized financial applications, games, and more.

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Le guide ultime de Polygone

Polygon provides inexpensive, fast transactions on Ethereum-compatible blockchains using Layer-2 sidechains. The project is based on Polygon as the hub of a seamless worldwide network of interconnected Ethereum sidechains.

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Le guide ultime du dai

DAI is a decentralized stablecoin that is pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar. Issued by the Ethereum-hosted Maker Foundation, DAI is a key component of Maker's decentralized DeFi network, which brings together crypto borrowers and lenders.

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Le guide ultime de Synthétix

Did you ever wish all your FinTech apps ran on the blockchain? That's the ambitious goal behind Synthetix, a project that lets you buy, sell, and invest in off-chain commodities – including fiat currencies – as blockchain-based derivatives.

uni header min 6
Le guide ultime de Uniswap

Uniswap is a decentralized crypto exchange consisting of smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain. Uniswap uses an automated protocol to create liquidity pools that allow users to swap cryptos without a central broker.

xtz header min 7
Le guide ultime de Tezos

Launched in 2018, the Tezos project started in 2014 as an experiment in using a decentralized self-governance mechanism to make decisions about rewards and other factors. The network is distinguished by its high staking rewards.

polkadot header min 8
Le guide ultime de Polkadot
chainlink header 9
Le guide ultime de Chainlink
doge header 10
Le guide ultime du Dogecoin
eos header 11
Le guide ultime de EOS
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