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Kriptomat Web3 Gaming Wallet

One wallet for all your
Web3 games

Playing Web3 games has never been more simple! All your game play, tokens and NFTs in one place! Play thousands of Web3 games and dApps with WalletConnect support.

Trusted by 400,000+ users across Europe

Unlock the Potential of Web3 Gaming with Your Kriptomat Wallet!

Simple Connection to Thousands of Games

Connect and Play thousands of Web3 games through our Web3 Directory with WalletConnect support.

Connect and Play thousands of Web3 games through our Web3 Directory with WalletConnect support
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Buy Any Game Token With Card

The only Web3 wallet that allows you to directly buy a games token with Euros, supporting all the most popular payment method. No more hassle!

*Apple and Google pay coming soon

Buy and Store your NFTs

Easily collect, store, buy and sell your game’s NFTs all within your unique game wallet.

Sell Your Tokens to Euros

Ready to cash out your game tokens? The Kriptomat Web3 Wallet allows you to sell your tokens directly to Euros in seconds!

Discover Exciting Web3 Games

Check out the top Web3 games integrated into the Kriptomat Web3 Game Wallet.

How to start playing Web3 games?

  1. Begin your journey by downloading the Kriptomat app from your favorite app store. Create an account and complete the verification process to unlock the full potential of the Kriptomat Web3 Gaming Wallet.
  2. Find thousands of the best Web3 games in the Web3 Directory
    Open the Kriptomat app and go to our Web3 directory. Explore thousands of Web3 games - Whether you're into Sports, Strategy, Play2Earn, Card Games, RPG or Action games the Kriptomat Web3 Directory has them all. Find a game you want to play and select “Open game wallet”.
  3. Easily Connect to Any Game
    Within your game wallet, visit the play tab and hit “connect”. This will establish a connection between your Kriptomat wallet and the game you want to play.
  4. Buy the Game Token with Your Card
    Buy and sell any game tokens directly with Euros using your credit or debit card and other payment methods, all within the safe and secure Kriptomat Wallet. No more complicated swaps!
One wallet for all your Web3 games

Play thousands of Web3 games and Dapps with the Kriptomat Web3 Wallet.

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