slovenia considers 10% crypto tax
Slovenia Considers 10% Crypto Tax

Slovenian tax authorities have proposed a 10 percent flat tax on crypto income. The tax, which would be levied when profits are converted to fiat currency, would replace the current case-by-case method of calculating taxes due.

microsoft patents cross-chain token spec
Microsoft Patents Cross-Chain Token Spec

Microsoft has patented technology for creating tokens that operate on multiple blockchain platforms. A tool incorporating the technology could empower developers to write DeFi apps and other programs that run on any blockchain.

india to test digital rupee
India to Test Digital Rupee

You can add India to the list of countries looking to establish a digital currency issued and controlled by the national bank. The Reserve Bank of India says a digital rupee could be ready for testing by the end of the year.

upcoming conferences & educational events
Upcoming Conferences & Educational Events

The crypto world lives mostly online, but sometimes gathers for a few days of intensive learning, networking, and trend-spotting. Here are some upcoming opportunities to get your bearings and dive deep into topics of interest.

pudgy penguins take nft world by storm
Pudgy Penguins Take NFT World by Storm

Pudgy Penguins are the latest image-based NFTs to inspire collectors and investors. With individual image files selling for €400,000 or more, these polar pals are big business. But how long will the Pudgy Penguin boom last?

microsoft and alibaba team up to fight pirates
Microsoft and Alibaba Team Up to Fight Pirates

A blockchain-based tool developed by Microsoft and Alibaba could allow whistleblowers to earn rewards and maintain anonymity while reporting on the authorized duplication, distribution, and use of software and digital media.

latin american nations embrace, reject crypto
Latin American Nations Embrace, Reject Crypto

From El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as an official national currency to Mexico’s stern warnings to individuals and businesses, countries in Latin America are charting their own paths through an evolving financial landscape.

buy movie tickets with bitcoin
Buy Movie Tickets With Bitcoin

Leave your wallet at home! AMC, the world’s largest cinema operator, has announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments for movie tickets and snacks by the end of the year. It’s one more sign that crypto is going mainstream.

buy online with crypto-backed visa, mastercard
Buy Online With Crypto-Backed Visa, Mastercard

Alchemy Pay has completed development of virtual Mastercard and Visa cards that will be backed by crypto holdings, not bank accounts. The company says its cards will be accepted by millions of merchants in more than 200 countries.

brands rush to join nft boom
Brands Rush to Join NFT Boom

Businesses have found myriad creative applications for non-fungible tokens: as rewards in customer loyalty programs, as digital collectibles, as achievement badges, as proof of shared ownership in masterworks of art, and more.

chainlink oracle to deliver weather to crypto world
Chainlink Oracle to Deliver Weather to Crypto World

Chainlink is teaming up with AccuWeather to make weather data and forecasts available to blockchain-based applications. It’s one more indication of why decentralized applications are increasingly reliant on blockchain oracles.

bitcoin sv hit by 51% attack
Bitcoin SV Hit by 51% Attack

BSV miners conspired to replace more than 500,000 valid transactions with fraudulent ones. It’s the latest in a series of attacks on BSV. So-called “51% attacks” are an infamous point of vulnerability for Proof of Stake networks.

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