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Intelligent Portfolio:

Your Smart Crypto Investment

Kriptomat’s Intelligent Portfolio is an automated investment portfolio, designed to simplify crypto investing for everyone. With a diverse range of crypto assets and automated portfolio management, we take the complexity out of investing, allowing you to manage your investments effortlessly.

Buy Popular and Niche Cryptocurrencies Buy Popular and Niche Cryptocurrencies Buy Popular and Niche Cryptocurrencies Buy Popular and Niche Cryptocurrencies

Benefits of Using Intelligent Portfolios

Automated Portfolio Management

Automated Portfolio Management

Enjoy 24/7 portfolio management that saves you time and effort.

Adaptability to Market Conditions

Adaptability to Market Conditions

Our portfolios smartly adjust to market volatility, ensuring optimized performance without your intervention.

Diversification of Investment

Diversification of Investment

Spread your investments across multiple cryptocurrencies, minimizing risks and optimizing potential growth.

Low Entry Barrier

Low Entry Barrier

Get started with just €500, making it accessible to everyone.

Learn about Intelligent Portfolios

Capture Movers

A dynamic portfolio designed to capture the movement of trending cryptocurrencies in the market, offering opportunities for higher growth potential.

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Equally Balanced Crypto

A well-balanced portfolio offering an equal distribution of multiple cryptocurrencies, ideal for stability and diversified growth.

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A portfolio crafted with a calculated risk assessment, aiming to balance potential returns with risk tolerance.

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Smart Contracts

Focus on smart contract-based cryptocurrencies, providing exposure to the potential of decentralized applications (dApps).

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DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

A portfolio dedicated to cryptocurrencies empowering decentralized financial services, exploring the growing DeFi space.

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Top 10 Biggest Cryptos

Invest in the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, a diversified option for those seeking stability and growth potential.

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Choose the portfolio group aligned with your investment strategy and risk appetite to begin your journey with Intelligent Portfolios.

Invest Smartly with Automated Portfolio Management

Intelligent Portfolios aim to maximize investor returns by utilizing specific features.

  • Advanced algorithms for data analysis ensuring well-informed investment decisions.
  • Quick adaptation to market trends through continuous asset monitoring, vital in the fast-paced crypto landscape.
  • Diversification of investments, mitigating risks linked to a single asset in volatile markets.
  • Regular rebalancing to maintain the intended investment strategy and risk level.

How Does it Work?

Inteligent portfolio Kriptomat

Choose Your Portfolio Theme

Select from a variety of portfolio options aligned with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Inteligent portfolio Kriptomat

Low Minimum Investment

Start your intelligent investment journey with just €500.

Inteligent portfolio Kriptomat

Automated Rebalancing

Intelligent Portfolios are automatically rebalanced monthly for optimal performance and stability.

What customers say?

Kriptomat's Intelligent Portfolio made investing effortless for me. The automated management saved me time, and the 500€ minimum investment limit was perfect to start my crypto investment journey.

- Kevin, 34

Resources To Help You

Explore our detailed guides to maximize your Intelligent Portfolio investment potential

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Profit from Momentum with Intelligent Portfolios: Inside Kriptomat’s Capture Movers Strategy

Kriptomat's Capture Movers strategy targets monthly returns, ideal for investors capitalising on rising coin momentum. It suits those making savvy, timely decisions in crypto's fast-paced realm. Curious about tapping market trends for potential gains? Explore Kriptomat's innovative strategy.

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Top Investment Practices for Traditional and Crypto Markets

Discover key strategies for successful investing in both traditional and crypto markets. This comprehensive guide explores effective practices for long-term growth and financial stability, perfect for both beginners and seasoned investors. Are you ready to navigate the investment maze with confidence?

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The Big Ten: Kriptomat’s Intelligent Portfolio Strategy for Top Market Cap Cryptocurrencies

Explore Kriptomat's 'Top 10 Biggest Cryptos' strategy for straightforward crypto investment. It emphasises the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, providing an easy entry into the crypto world. Enhance your crypto investment with Kriptomat's Intelligent Portfolios.

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The Power of Discipline: How Self-Control Shapes Your Investment Success

How does self-control shape your investment success? Discover the transformative power of discipline in investment, crucial for navigating both traditional markets and the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Learn to master self-control to achieve long-term financial growth and stability.

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The Power of Financial Goal-Setting: Why It’s Essential for Your Money’s Success

Setting financial goals is crucial for success. Harness the power of goal-setting to navigate your finances toward your dreams. Explore how integrating cryptocurrencies into your goals can enhance your financial strategy. Are you prepared to chart your path to financial success?

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How to Master Your Money with the 50/30/20 Strategy

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The Role of Altcoins in a Diversified Crypto Portfolio

Discover the diverse world of altcoins and their role in diversifying your crypto portfolio. This guide equips you with knowledge to confidently navigate the altcoin market and integrate them into your investment strategy.

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Automate Your Wealth: How to Get Started with Intelligent Portfolios

Understanding cryptocurrency market cycles is essential for investors. Differentiate economic and market cycles, explore the four phases of a typical crypto cycle, and discover influencing factors. How can investors navigate these unpredictable cycles and employ strategies for success in this dynamic market?


What are the fees associated with Intelligent Portfolios?

Intelligent Portfolios have various fees: a 1% annual management fee, a 10% performance fee charged monthly only if the portfolio generates profit, a 0.25% rebalancing fee, and a 1% exit fee during asset withdrawal.

What is the minimum investment amount required for Intelligent Portfolios?

When do I receive rewards?

Is Intelligent Portfolios suitable for beginners in cryptocurrency investment?

Can I modify my investment plan within Intelligent Portfolios?

*Risk Warning: Digital asset prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility. The value of your investment may go down or up, and you may not get back the amount invested. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and Kriptomat is not liable for any losses you may incur. Past performance is not a reliable predictor of future performance. You should only invest in products you are familiar with and where you understand the risks. You should carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, investment objectives and risk tolerance and consult an independent financial adviser prior to making any investment. This material should not be construed as financial advice. For more information, see our Terms of Service and Risk Warning.

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