Earn up to 14% on your crypto.
Get paid weekly.

KriptoEarn puts your coins and tokens to work earning rewards while you’re offline, asleep, or busy at the office.

5000 €
Total Balance After Earning Period
Yearly %
750 €
Average Annual Reward
kriptomat earn
Select cryptocurrency
Deposit Amount
This calculator is for information and reference purposes only. Rewards are calculated weekly and may change from time to time, and the rates presented above are not guaranteed for the duration of the above term.

How it works

buy crypto

Buy crypto

Buy or transfer supported crypto into your Kriptomat account.

move crypto to kriptoearn

Move crypto to KriptoEarn

Choose a crypto from your wallet and move it to KriptoEarn.

that’s it

That’s it

Receive free crypto rewards automatically every week.


Supported assets & rates

Locking period
Reward rate
*Rewards are subject to change at any time

How much difference can KriptoEarn make?

Let’s say you bought 10 ETH in May 2019. The price of ETH has risen, so your 2,532.70 € would be worth 22,664.50 € on May 2022.

If you had put those 10 ETH into your KriptoEarn wallet, you would have 11.41 ETH in May 2022. That’s 25,860.19 € – more than 3,195 € of free ETH!

30,000 €
20,000 €
10,000 €
0 €
ETH alone
22,664.50 €
With KriptoEarn
25,860.19 €
May 2019 - May 2022


no fees - kriptoearn

No Fees

KriptoEarn builds your crypto portfolio with no transfer fees or other costs.

no commitment - kriptoearn

No Commitment

Add and withdraw funds from your KriptoEarn wallet anytime you like.

no doubt - kriptoearn

No Doubt

Earn crypto rewards 24/7 whether prices are rising or falling.


How are rewards calculated?
We calculate earnings daily based on KriptoEarn rates and transfer them to your KriptoEarn wallet once a week. As your crypto portfolio grows, you generate earnings on every day’s new total, not just your original investment.
How much are KriptoEarn fees?
There are no fees or charges, no matter how often or how much crypto you transfer in and out of your KriptoEarn wallet. It really is free crypto.
Do I retain control over my crypto?
Cryptocurrency invested with a Flexible locking period can be withdrawn from your KriptoEarn wallet anytime.
What if the price of crypto goes down?
You keep acquiring free crypto at the KriptoEarn rate whether the price of the crypto goes up or down.
How do I sign up?
Simply click here to transfer crypto from your Kriptomat account to your KriptoEarn wallet.
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