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NFT Boom Accelerates

Makers of non-fungible tokens are finding more and more ways to enhance daily life with collectible virtual objects. From exclusive art auctions to rapper-inspired virtual worlds, the NFT universe is an explosion of creative energy.

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Doing Good With Crypto

Across the world, blockchain-based initiatives are supporting the poor, promoting education, and easing the ravages of war and disease. New trading platforms help charities and other organizations raise funds for good causes.

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A World Tour of Crypto Adoption

From Australia to India, from Ukraine to the UAE, users are adopting crypto as an essential financial technology and investment opportunity. Government authorities are responding by recognizing cryptos and regulating their use.

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Music Industry Embraces Blockchain

Artists and music companies alike are exploring blockchain technology to distribute music, combat piracy, and create richer relationships with fans. NFTs that give fans listening rights to encrypted music are just the beginning.

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Bitcoin Mining’s Toxic Waste Problem

In addition to consuming as much electricity as a mid-sized European country, Bitcoin mining is responsible for adding a substantial amount of toxic electronic waste to the world’s landfills, MIT researchers say.

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Tweeted Puppy Pic Boosts Crypto Price

Crypto enthusiast Elon Musk has done it again. A tweeted photograph of his Shiba Inu puppy, Floki, sent the value of the dog’s namesake coin on a wild roller-coaster ride – yet another example of celebrity influence over crypto prices.

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Financial Establishment Continues Rush Toward Crypto

Legislators and financial experts dismiss crypto as a fad in public, but in private, they are adding digital assets to their portfolios. Crypto continues to demand thoughtful responses from governments and the financial community.

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Solana Emerges as Ethereum Competitor in NFT Markets

Most NFTs are ERC-721 tokens built on Ethereum. But the Solana blockchain, which features better performance and lower fees, is attracting more and more NFT creators. Solana seems poised to battle Ethereum for NFT market dominance.

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No End in Sight for Crypto Market Rebound

Cryptocurrency prices are rebounding from 2021’s summer decline. Bitcoin has climbed to more than €44,000 in recent days, and Ether’s price has topped €3,300. Many analysts say they see no sign of the bull market’s end.

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DeFi Market Cap Hits All-Time High

Market trackers report that the total market capitalization of DeFi-related cryptocurrencies has hit an all-time high of more than €120 billion. The new market cap figure replaces the old record, which was set in May 2021.

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Slovenia Considers 10% Crypto Tax

Slovenian tax authorities have proposed a 10 percent flat tax on crypto income. The tax, which would be levied when profits are converted to fiat currency, would replace the current case-by-case method of calculating taxes due.

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Microsoft Patents Cross-Chain Token Spec

Microsoft has patented technology for creating tokens that operate on multiple blockchain platforms. A tool incorporating the technology could empower developers to write DeFi apps and other programs that run on any blockchain.

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