Recurring buy

Saving 100 € in Bitcoin per week, over the last three years turned into

recurring buy

What is a recurring buy?

Regularly scheduled buys smooth out price changes and reduces your average cost. It’s called Dollar Cost Averaging. Learn more


step 1
Avoid the stress of day trading.

There’s no need to obsess over prices or predict market highs and lows.

step 2
Stop guessing the right time to invest

Regularly scheduled buys smooth out price variations which is commonly called the DCA strategy.

step 3
Regular smaller investments can reduce risk

Rather than making a big investment, start with smaller amounts and grow your crypto portfolio over time.

How it works

step 1
Step 1

Select the crypto you want to buy, the amount, and the frequency.

step 1
Step 2

Select your payment option: Visa, Mastercard, or fiat bank transfer.

step 1
Step 3

Enjoy watching your portfolio grow over time – automatically.


How are historical returns calculated?

Historical profits are calculated using historical prices taken on a weekly basis on each Monday.

What is DCA?

DCA investing delivers five main benefits:

When is DCA more effective than lump-sum investing?

How often are purchases made?

Can I change or discontinue my purchases?

What are the minimum and maximum purchases?

How is ROI calculated?

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