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Get paid in Bitcoin for introducing your friends to our simple, safe, and secure platform.

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Get 10 EUR worth of Bitcoin for every user that makes 100 EUR worth of transactions.

When and where do you get paid?

When someone registers via your referral link, initiates a buy or sell transaction(s) of any cryptocurrency in the total value of 100 EUR (one hundred EUR) or more, and makes a credit card purchase OR a SEPA bank deposit, you will get 10 EUR (ten euros) worth of BTC as a reward to your Kriptomat Bitcoin wallet address. The referral award is one-time for each referred user.

The payouts are facilitated in the euro (EUR) as soon as we process the referral transactions. This means the payment is virtually instantaneous, and you will receive it to your Kriptomat wallet.

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Kriptomat Referral Program “Tell a Friend”

Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Referral program you agree to the terms of this Referral program called “Tell a friend”.

Kriptomat referral program rewards you and referred users with a one-time bonus for each referred user that registers within 30 days after clicking on your referral link and when makes a transaction in value of 100 EUR (one hundred euros) or more (cumulative conditions). Additionally, the referred user is required to make a purchase with a credit card or make a SEPA transfer. The buy or sell transaction has to complete (meaning the funds must be delivered to the account). There is no time limit for such transactions; you both receive a referral reward in the value of 10 EUR (ten euros) worth of BTC as soon as the referred user performs transactions in the said value and other conditions of these Terms are fulfilled. The amount can also be cumulative, meaning it can happen over multiple purchases.

The referral program is effective from the date of 1 September 2020 and lasts until the program is cancelled by Kriptomat. All referrals successfully made before the end date will also receive the reward.

One user may send referral links as many times as they like. You can share your referral link via Email, Facebook or Twitter. It is important that the link on kriptomat.io is used (for example kriptomat.io/join/83985930 or similar link) and that the referred user clicks on the referral link. The referral links have special code on the end enabling us to link your account with the referred user. When someone clicks your referral link, a link between your account and the referred user shall be stored with the help of cookies. The cookie will store the data for 30 days during which the referred user can either use the provided register form in the referral link or can register directly on Kriptomat website.

To be eligible for the award the referred users must fall into the definition of New User and not users that are already registered or have an account with Kriptomat (Old Users).

Old Users are users who have registered to Kriptomat by only registering, registering and passing KYC, registering and passing KYC and connecting their Bank account with their Kriptomat account.

New Users are users who have not yet registered to Kriptomat whatsoever.

Promoting your referral code through the use of paid advertising “Kriptomat” or Kriptomat related keywords is not allowed practice. This includes (but is not limited to) bidding or running ads on search brand keywords that include “Kriptomat” or similar variations or using Kripotmat brand in your ad copy. In case we detect such inappropriate use of referral codes, such codes will be deactivated and rewards resulting from such activities will be considered as ineligible for referral payments.

Kriptomat does not inform the tax or other authorities about the revenue earned from the referral program. Users must educate themselves with the tax law provision on such rewards in their countries and notify the tax authorities about such revenue if necessary. In case the authorities ask for data about the revenue of a specific user, Kriptomat will be obliged to share the information.

You can see your referral history in your Kripotmat account.

When you send a referral link to your friend, he will receive an email with a referral link. By clicking on the link the referred user will be directed to a webpage with register form and where your name (the referrers name) and first letter of surname (example: Jonathan K.) will be shown. Also when you send a referral invitation to your friend, a cookie will be created with a maximum age of 30 days and we will also save your URL identificator. We will only use personal data for the purposes of the Referral program, namely to establish relation between you, the invitee, and the user who received referral link (referred user) and to fulfill our obligations towards you and new user on the basis of these Terms and Conditions. For more information regarding data privacy please see our Privacy Policy.

In case the referred user receives several referral links, the referral link to which the referred user first clicked is activated.

Kriptomat may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Program or the Terms at any time, taking into account users’ benefits and rewards he earned.

Kriptomat may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate or suspend any user’s participation in the Program for breach of these Terms and Conditions or taking any actions that are inconsistent with the intent of this Program.

Important notice – Transitional period to renewed Referral Program

Please note that our Referral program has been renewed, with new Terms and Conditions in effect from 28 August 2020 which succeeded the previous version of 27 July 2020. For all referral registrations made after 1 September 2020 the new terms and conditions shall apply automatically. For referral registrations before 1 September 2020 the terms and conditions dated 27 July 2020 shall apply and the referrer will receive 25 % of the transaction fees pertaining to the transactions of the referred user under condition the referred user registered via your referral link and initiated a purchase of any cryptocurrency in the value of 25 EUR (twenty-five euros) (Reward Threshold). You will be eligible to receive 25 % of the transaction fees for one year after the Reward Threshold will be met.

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