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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Sometimes confused for its more famous sibling, Bitcoin Cash is a fork of the Bitcoin protocol focused on fast transaction speeds and low transaction fees. Using a practically identical codebase to Bitcoin, save for a few key differences, BCH aims to be a global payments system that will change the way money is used globally.

Its low transaction fees enable micropayments, like a tipping function for content creators, and rewards users for specific in-app actions. This, combined with its blazing-fast transfer times, make it an ideal candidate for everyday payments.

Bitcoin Cash owes its fast transaction speeds to one of its critical differences with Bitcoin – block size. In 2017, Bitcoin was hard-forked over concerns surround scalability. The BCH camp wanted to increase the block size limit from 1MB to 8MB to increase the number of transactions that could be fit into a single block.

However, most community members opposed this decision due to storage concerns and decided to find other ways to improve the network’s throughput. Bitcoin Cash was later forked further to create Bitcoin SV, and once more in 2020 over disputes surrounding an 8% miner tax to fund protocol development.

Despite losing the official BCH ticker and the domain, the Bitcoin Cash ABC fork created in November 2020 still has support from a vocal minority. The dominant chain token BCHN appreciated by nearly 44% within just ten days of executing the fork.


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