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Decentralized Exchange

Buy and Swap
Thousands of Tokens

Buy and swap thousands of tokens even before they are listed on centralised exchanges. It is quicker and easier than ever and all within the Kriptomat Web3 Wallet.

Trusted by 400,000+ users across Europe
Buy and swap thousands of tokens

How To Buy DEX Tokens on Kriptomat?

  • Download Kriptomat Web3 Wallet
  • Top-up your Web3 Wallet
  • Swap directly into thousands of tokens

The Simplest DEX to Use Ever

Discover and Buy the Latest Tokens

Access the newest tokens even if they're not available on a centralized exchange. You can purchase your tokens without having to find pairs or swaps and purchase with your card or bank account, all on one platform.

*Apple and Google pay coming soon

Discover and Buy the Latest Tokens
Sell Your Tokens in Seconds

Sell Your Tokens in Seconds

Simplify your life with the Web3 wallet that lets you sell your tokens for Euros in seconds. Easily withdraw to your bank account or VISA card.

Unleash the Potential of Token Swaps

With unlimited potential for unique token swaps, our platform enables you to get the tokens you need for dApps. Swap any token to any other token with ease.

Security of using a fully regulated platform

Trade Web3 tokens with confidence on our fully regulated platform. Our live chat support and access to multiple liquidity providers ensure you never run out of liquidity. Say goodbye to unknown and unregulated exchanges.

What can I use it for?

Swap Tokens: To buy hundreds of tokens available
Get the wallet
Swap on DEX: To swap assets on decentralized exchanges
Get the wallet
Collect NFTs: Easy to get any game NFT
Get the wallet
Buy/Sell NFTs: To buy or sell NFTs on OpenSea and other marketplaces
Get the wallet
Access DeFi: Access liquidity pools to supply or borrow crypto
Get the wallet
Play Web3 Games: Easy to get any game native token
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Start Exploring All Tokens Available to Buy with the Kriptomat Web3 Wallet Today.

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