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Web3, DeFi and NFT - Simple and Secure

Buy, swap, and collect hundreds of tokens and NFTs directly in your wallet. Connect to Web3 dApps and DeFi with WalletConnect and more.

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Unlock the Potential of Web3 with Your Kriptomat Wallet!

The Simplest Web3 Wallet

  • Securely store crypto and NFTs
  • Supports thousands of tokens and multiple chains
  • Quick top-up with credit card or bank transfer in <30 seconds
Put money aside effortlessly
Built-In Decentralized Exchange

Built-In Decentralized Exchange

  • Buy and swap tokens quickly and easily
  • Direct access to thousands of tokens within the Kriptomat Web3 Wallet
  • Keep your crypto safe with all transaction verified on the blockchain.

Access DeFi & Web3

  • Access a world of DeFi protocols and Web3 dApps
  • Grow your crypto portfolio with liquidity pools like AAVE
  • Connect to any Web3 dApp using WalletConnect and play Web3 games to earn free crypto and NFTs

Support for NFTs

  • Easily manage your NFT collection
  • Support for popular marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible
  • The ultimate wallet for all your NFT needs

Play Web3 Games

  • Play thousands of Web3 games and earn free crypto and NFTs
  • Easily buy any game's native token without unnecessary swaps
  • Collect and store any NFTs awarded by your games

Discover the Exciting World of Web3 dApps

Kriptomat Web3 Wallet gives you access to a world of Web3 dApps and DeFi websites through our carefully curated Web3 directory.

What can I use it for?

Swap Tokens: To buy hundreds of tokens available
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Swap on DEX: To swap assets on decentralized exchanges
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Collect NFTs: Easy to get any game NFT
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Buy/Sell NFTs: To buy or sell NFTs on OpenSea and other marketplaces
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Access DeFi: Access liquidity pools to supply or borrow crypto
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Play Web3 Games: Easy to get any game native token
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