How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

In summary, this is how you buy BTC:

  1. Create your free Kriptomat account.
  2. Get verified in 2 minutes.
  3. Select a payment method (credit card or bank deposit).
  4. Deposit your funds to your Kriptomat account.
  5. Select Bitcoin (BTC) on the list of currencies.
  6. Click BUY and get BTC to your free digital wallet.
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Buy Bitcoin

Buy BTC at the current price

You can buy Bitcoin directly with euro on Kriptomat with a credit card or via SEPA bank transfer. A fast, easy and secure way to expand your crypto portfolio! It just takes a few clicks. See what you get at the current Bitcoin (BTC) price.

How to Buy Bitcoin now?

Want to buy Bitcoin with a credit card instantly? Kriptomat has you covered! You can now buy BTC by following two simple steps:

1. Create Your Free Kriptomat Account

Create your Kriptomat account in just a few minutes! Open your email and click on the confirmation link.

2. Get Verified and Buy BTC

You must verify your account before buying Bitcoin on Kriptomat. You need to upload your national ID or passport to get verified. Once your documents are approved, you can instantly buy Bitcoin with your credit or debit card!

Buy Bitcoin with a Bank Transfer (SEPA)

We here at Kriptomat are constantly working to further improve your user experience. You can also buy Bitcoin with SEPA Bank Transfer! For you, this means lower fees and higher deposit limits!

Please note that this payment option is available for users with a SEPA bank account. To see if you can buy BTC with SEPA or card, click HERE.

Bitcoin wallet - how to store your BTC?

Once you buy BTC, the currency will be sent to your Kriptomat Bitcoin wallet. All our users get a free & secure digital wallet on Kriptomat.

Your BTC will be safe and secure, so you are always able to buy/sell your BTC. Of course, you can also send your Bitcoin to your own private wallet, if you feel the need for it. Fast and easy, send it from your Kriptomat wallet.

Buy Bitcoin with a Credit/Debit card

You don’t have access to a SEPA account? No problem! We also give you the option to buy Bitcoin with a credit or a debit card at Kriptomat. You have to make sure that the credit/debit card belongs to you.

How to use your credit card to buy BTC? Our Knowledgebase has a detailed & friendly step-by-step guide!

Kriptomat - the fast, safe and easy way to buy, sell and store your favourite cryptocurrencies!

Buying Bitcoin with Kriptomat is super easy. You can buy BTC from your computer at home or by using your smartphone while you’re out and about. Our friendly customer service is here to assist you at all times. Drop in if you have any questions connected to registration, verification or purchase.

Buying Bitcoin Is Life Changing

The moment you buy your first bitcoin is a life changing event…

What at first may seem complicated quickly becomes simple. Kriptomat provides a free bitcoin wallet, which stores your bitcoin securely. You can fund your account easily via normal bank transfer, or buy bitcoin with your credit card at a moments notice. Selling BTC is just as easy.

However: Buying bitcoin is more than just the steps of the process.

It is a lifestyle choice. A vote for a better standard in personal finance. A way to push back against the increasing costs of living due to fiat currency price inflation.

Despite the up and down price movement, the trend over 10 years is clear. Bitcoins value has gone up more than any other investable commodity and the world is still barely scratching the surface of what the bitcoin blockchain protocol can do.

In the last few years, the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency has become so simple that anyone can do it with a mobile app or home PC. Based on the recent price trend and increasing interest from financial institutions around the world, it appears the future of digital forms of money is bright.

As an entirely new asset class, bitcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) is more than just an investment nest egg. Innovation surrounding cryptocurrency will reach every aspect of our lives, through micro-payments, machine to machine economics, financial trading systems, and so much more.

As a cryptocurrency exchange, we can never give personal financial advice or even offer our bitcoin price predictions. But one thing is clear. This ‘magic Internet money’ is making many people wealthy — or at least providing a hedge against financial risk as the world adopts digital assets over the next several years.

Our team works around the clock to make our platform better with new features constantly in development, while providing first-class service to our customers in over 20 languages, and participating in cryptocurrency related community events.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Securely

Kriptomat is a fully licensed EU bitcoin exchange with ISO certification for Information Management System. Security is our number one priority. Through advances in digital identity management, we provide customers with far more than just a simple ‘buy bitcoin’ solution. Trusted, secure, and easy to use. Because — everybody deserves crypto.

Check out some key questions below and welcome to — The EU’s leading fully licensed cryptocurrency exchange.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) FAQ

How much bitcoin should I buy?

While we might like to tell you ‘as much as you can!’, you will need to consult a financial advisor or take time to explore the Kriptomat Academy for ideas on building a cryptocurrency portfolio including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on your personal situation and goals. If you are just getting started, we suggest buying ‘a little’, whatever that means to you. Try out the process. Add the security features to your Kriptomat account. Buying bitcoin becomes incredibly fun the more confident you become with the process.

How do I keep my bitcoin safe?

Security should be your top priority. Kriptomat enables dozens of security features to help you keep your bitcoin safe. Our account registration and verification process is a big part of that. We provide top tips to all customers to ensure the bitcoin you buy stays within your control.

How long does it take to receive my bitcoin?

Depending on your payment method, it can take from a few days to a matter of minutes. With a credit card connected to your Kriptomat account, you’ll be able to log in at a moments notice, place an order, and our real-time settlement system will locate the best available price in the market, make the payment, and instantly deliver the bitcoin into your Kriptomat bitcoin wallet.

Can I withdraw the bitcoin?

Absolutely. Unlike many other providers, the bitcoin you buy via Kriptomat is the real thing and becomes available in your wallet for immediate withdrawal to any other bitcoin wallet as soon as you complete the purchase.

Is bitcoin easy to sell?

Yes. You can buy and sell BTC in an instant. No waiting around for manual trades placed by expensive (or unreliable) brokers. With Kriptomat, selling bitcoin is a simple exchange from BTC back into fiat such as EUR. Click a button. Flick a switch. And the transaction occurs in real-time with funds available for immediate withdrawal back to your bank account. Buy and sell online with ease.

The only question remaining in the years ahead may be — at what average price did you buy the majority of your bitcoin?