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Start Earning Interest On Your Money Again —
With A Free Cryptocurrency Savings Account

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Add Funds

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Earn Interest

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Receive Crypto

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How does THAT work?!

Banks used to pay a reasonable interest rate… 

But today — the benefits of personal finance are quickly moving to new forms of money called cryptocurrency. 

Simply transfer funds from your bank, or existing crypto wallet, to our new Savings Account and earn monthly interest from today. 

That’s right:
By allocating funds to an EU-licensed Kriptomat Savings Account, you’ll benefit if your cryptocurrency goes up in value AND you’ll earn an additional interest rate.

Earn monthly interest on these cryptocurrencies with a free Kriptomat Savings Account

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Putting cryptocurrencies into Savings is as convenient as buying and selling them.

Allocate Funds

Add funds (in available currencies) from your Kriptomat wallet to the Kriptomat Savings Account.

Earn Monthly Interest

Receive interest payments at the start of each month automatically added to your Kriptomat account balance.

Enjoy Your Gains

Withdraw your funds from the savings account at any time — there is no lock-in.

Use the savings calculator inside your account to view your potential monthly and yearly earnings.

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Where does the interest come from?


Kriptomat administers an array of blockchain staking and rewards accounts within the cryptocurrency industry. 



This enables us to provide interest rewards to Kriptomat account holders — along with all the added security and simplicity of our fully licensed exchange.

I’m new to cryptocurrency.

Is setting this up easy?
If you know how to make a bank transfer, you’ll find setting up your account and adding funds is easy. 

Is my money tied up for ages?
There is no lock-in period at all. Withdraw your crypto from the savings program and sell it for fiat currency at any time. 

How do I know what I’m receiving?
You’ll automatically receive a monthly email summary for the interest payment you’ve earned. Interest rates fluctuate based on market conditions. 

What if I have questions?
Inside your account you’ll discover all the tips and tricks you need — and our very friendly customer team is available on live chat to advise.

That’s all there is to it!

Welcome to Kriptomat — your fully licensed
EU cryptocurrency provider. 

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for crypto on the go.

No matter where you are, Kriptomat is there for you.

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