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How to Buy PGX Token
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About Pegaxy


Player Base: More than 105,000+ PLAYERS




Device: WEB


Blockchain: POLYGON


Status: BETA

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is short for Pegasus Galaxy – which is a hint about the game.

This futuristic racing game employs Pega – horses – that are descendants of the mythological winged horse, Pegasus.

Pegaxy’s in-game currency is VIS, or Vigorus. You can use VIS to purchase or rent horses to participate in races. There’s no other charge – entering a race is free.

Each race has 15 racers. If your Pega places in the top three, you earn VIS tokens.

You can also use VIS tokens to upgrade and outfit your Pega, customizing it versus track conditions and competition.

In addition to VIS, the Pegaxy tokenomic system includes Pegaxy Stone (PGX), a governance token that lets holders have a say in administering and developing the game.

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How to Buy Pegaxy (PGX) and Vigorus (VIS) Tokens Now

1. Purchase USDT tokens at Kriptomat

Kriptomat is the fastest, easiest way to start your Pegasus Galaxy journey. Start by buying USDT tokens. Simply create your free Kriptomat account, complete the quick account verification procedure, and make the purchase. Visa and Mastercard support means you can complete this process in minutes.

2. Set up a MetaMask wallet

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that is implemented as a browser extension on PCs and an app on mobile devices. Visit metamask.io and select “Download” and you will receive the proper version for the device  you are using. Follow the instructions to complete installation. Create a wallet and password. Connect your wallet to the Polygon blockchain.

3. Transfer USDT from Kriptomat to your MetaMask wallet

Use the Account Details menu on MetaMask to display the numeric code that is your MetaMask Polygon wallet address.

At Kriptomat, locate My Wallets and click on Polygon. Click on Send and paste the wallet address from MtaMask into the “Recipient address” blank. Specify the amount of USDT you wish to send and confirm the transaction. You may need to confirm the transfer via email.

4. Swap the USDT for PGX or VIS at KyberSwap

Navigate to KyberSwap, press Connect, and select MetaMask.

Follow the directions at KyberSwap to purchase PGX or VIS tokens with the USDT you have transferred into your account.

5. Play Pegaxy

Now that you have tokens, you have full access to all the features of Pegaxy.

Good luck!

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