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ENJ to USD market overview

The current Enjin price is with a circulating supply of ENJ. This means that Enjin market rank is with a total market cap of .

The ENJ/USD price has increaseddecreased by in the last hour and increaseddecreased by in the past 24 hours on a trading volume of .

The highest recorded Enjin rate in USD is and the lowest is .


Today at


Today at

Today vs. 24 hours ago

Change 24h
Today at
24 hours ago

Today vs. 1 month ago

Change 1M
Today at
1 month ago

Today vs. 1 year ago

Change 1Y
Today at
1 year ago

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Enjin to US dollar - FAQ

How much is 1 ENJ in USD?

Currently, 1 Enjin is worth .

How much ENJ can I currently buy for 1 USD?

Based on our live ENJ/USD exchange rate, you can buy ENJ for 1 USD.

How much has the ENJ price to USD changed?

The ENJ price has increaseddecreased since yesterday by . In the past month, the value of Enjin has increaseddecreased by . Since this time last year, it has increaseddecreased by .

How do I convert USD to ENJ?

To calculate the US dollar to Enjin rate, you can easily use our ENJ to USD informative converter at the top of this page to check how much ENJ you would get. Then click on the Buy ENJ button to register on Kriptomat and buy ENJ.

How can I buy Enjin on Kriptomat?

Enjin is available for immediate purchase on Kriptomat. For more information, read our in-depth instructions with videos on how to buy ENJ.


The live exchange rate of Enjin and other cryptocurrencies comes from the balance of supply and demand in crypto markets, and is always changing.

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