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Organizational measures

kriptomat.io security

Highly secure cold storage with controlled access

One of our main efforts is protecting crypto balances residing on different internal crypto wallets. We are monitoring the balances and the trends in order to constantly keep 98% of crypto assets on a highly secure cold storage with controlled access.

kriptomat.io security

A dedicated team for monitoring

The platform is logging all the actions on the platform, and a dedicated team is monitoring the events in order to detect and respond to any suspicious activities.

kriptomat.io security

Strict operational procedures

Management of cold storage, as well as all other platform support and development operations, are defined in strict operational procedures. The most sensitive operations require the “four-eyes principle”.

kriptomat.io security

Security test

Secure coding principles in combination with regular penetration tests and mitigation of identified vulnerabilities are one of the core elements of the platform security.

In order to make sure that the security controls are sufficient for the ever-changing security threat landscape, a regular risk assessment process is put in place.

Technical measures

kriptomat.io security

Encryption mechanisms

All communication with the platform is encrypted in order to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping that could potentially expose sensitive data to attackers or other unauthorized users. Encryption mechanisms are put in place to protect sensitive data that is stored on the platform.

kriptomat.io security

Network security

Network security of the platform is ensured by following the network zoning principles that segment the platform networks in a way where the already hardened servers holding the most sensitive data are separated from those with less sensitive data.

kriptomat.io security

Physical security measures

In order to address unauthorized physical access to platform components and cold storages, different physical security measures are put in place. Physical access to servers is secured by the confidentiality of physical location of servers. The location has an access control system, security guards, and other security mechanisms. Hardware wallets distributed in safe deposit boxes are used for cold storage.

kriptomat.io security

DDoS protection system and Web Application firewall

DDoS protection system and Web Application firewall are protecting the internet-exposed part of the platform from DDoS attacks and attacks on potential application vulnerabilities (e.g. SQL injections, file injections, XSS, etc.).

kriptomat.io security

24/7 monitoring

The platform is being monitored 24/7 in order to respond to potential anomalies and/or failures.

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