Our recent announcement about becoming the first cryptocurrency exchange to adopt non-fungible tokens has garnered a lot of attention from the community and the media, so we are very excited to share another glimpse into the continuing evolution of this story and our partnership with Enjin.

In this blog post, we will unveil exciting new developments and address some of the most burning questions around the use-cases of the Founders tokens.

We don’t have the answers to all of those questions because the possibilities are endless and nothing is set in stone, but we will explore different concepts to give you a better idea of where we are headed with the gamification of our platform and the crypto world in general.

Don’t forget that you still have time to join the giveaway of exclusive Kriptomat’s Founders tokens!



The Gaming Multiverse. What is it?

There are thousands of video games across a multitude of platforms (desktop PCs, mobile phones, consoles), and each game is kind of like its own isolated universe with its own laws of physics, different characters, unique items, etc.

But imagine you could move seamlessly between different parallel gaming universes while taking your avatar and items with you.

This is exactly what Enjin has in mind with its gaming multiverse and where Kriptomat’s Founders Tokens will come into play (literally).

In this context, a multiverse is a network of games where players can use their character and items across different worlds and platforms.

Sounds exciting? We certainly think so, and something like it may lie in the not too distant future!

Enjin Coin and Kriptomat will collaborate to create cross-game, cross-platform, digital markets. This is the first time a cryptocurrency exchange has announced the adoption of blockchain-based virtual items to gamify its user experience.

This will be the first time that a customer-facing retail business, i.e., Kriptomat, has ever offered blockchain gaming items through their platform.

Furthermore, gaming items will be usable in many different games, which is only possible because of blockchain technology!


The value of the Founders tokens

We expect that this will add a lot of intrinsic value to the Founders Tokens everyone has already signed up for. If you haven’t done so yet, you still have a chance to get involved and get these rare gaming items!

As explained in our initial announcement, the Founders tokens will be collectible items, complying with the ERC-1155 standard. They will be backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ) because Enjin will be used in the minting (creation) process.


enjin platform minting

You can melt down your virtual items at any time to retrieve their ENJ-backed value.


“This Founder’s Token could grow in demand because it’s a historical representation of the first cryptocurrency exchange to adopt NFTs for gamification.”

Added value can come from its use inside the Kriptomat platform. Together with Enjin gaming platform, we are still going over the details around the gamification aspects of the platform itself, and therefore it is not yet determined what kind of function the token will have.

We are currently in the planning stage and we are playing with different ideas of in-platform economy. We see it going in a similar direction as we see in today’s games; meaning quests, chests, powerups, in-platform currencies etc.

Due to the usefulness of the individual item, it is believed that it will also be traded on marketplaces and so they can have a significantly different price than their ENJ backing.


Introducing Game Dynamics and The Green Dragon


First of all, keep in mind that these things are subject to change, but this is how we see things developing at this time. When you use the platform, there will be different ways of earning the in-platform currency, i.e., tokens. We’re not yet sure what they’re going to be called, but our working name for them is “Kriptos.

You will be able to earn Kriptos by doing transactions and completing various tasks on the platform. After you collect a certain number of Kriptos, you will be able to unlock different chests.

Chests will contain collectible items, and you will be able to use a specific set of collectibles to create a special Green Dragon, also called The Traders Trophy.

The Founders tokens will dramatically increase your chances of receiving special items when opening the chests.

As Kriptomat grows, we also expect our items to grow in demand. The valuation can have a snowball effect if the games that integrate them become popular.

Certain unique items could also grow in demand because they will provide permanent and huge discounts on trading.

As mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless …


Founders Tokens in Gaming

Eight game development studios building 24 games have banded together to create the world’s first digital multiverse that spans beyond gaming, by utilizing the blockchain to allow players to own assets that can be used across multiple platforms. They have committed to supporting Kriptomat’s Founders Tokens and the Traders Trophy.

You will be able to use the tokens in multiple games and game developers will determine how the items will be used in their game. You will also be able to trade them with other players.

It’s a very unique kind of collaboration, where, over the years, Kriptomat users will be winning Traders Trophies which will provide more and more potential users to the games – and the games will be adding intrinsic value to the tokens, making them more popular, raising demand for them etc.

As the tokens become playable, Kriptomat will show you a list of games where the token can be used.

Kriptomat will reward all holders of multiverse founders’ tokens with special bounties within our exchange. This will further nurture an interconnected gamification experience where users can earn items through gaming communities and then use them on Kriptomat and vice versa.


Video games that will be supporting Kriptomat’s items

Here are some of the video games that we are partnering with …

Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a dark sci-fi adventure game set in the vast expanse of the universe. You’ll explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns, and ruins on far away worlds. On the way, you’ll unlock puzzles and secrets to light the way forward. The upcoming 3D RPG game is expected to launch in late 2019 by SpacePirate Games.


War of Crypto

War of Crypto is a Mobile & Browser Player vs Player (PvP) multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable, tradeable heroes, set in an incredibly detailed epic fantasy world facing a relentless, imminent doom. The game is currently under development by Lucille Games using Unity Engine.


Forest Knight

Forest Knight is using the Blockchain SDK by Enjin to implement and manage next-generation blockchain assets that users can trade on decentralized markets, hold securely in their blockchain wallet, and melt them down to retrieve the Enjin Coin (ENJ) within if they so chose. Many of the in-game assets available in the world of Forest Knight are actually cryptocurrencies far more advanced than Bitcoin, Ethereum or even the Enjin Coin they are made out of.


9Lives Arena

9Lives Arena is the first RPG with a clear focus on 1on1 fantasy PvP. It gives you full freedom of character template creation. You can choose your bloodline, stat distribution, weapon art, select a unique Spirit Animal, and train your choice of unique abilities out of a wide range of available skills.



The AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building multiverse made up of 17 games, where users can play and create an infinite number of interconnected games and worlds. Players, Streamers, Builders, Creators, and Hosts can monetize their activities using our in-game tokens called Aces.



CryptoFights is a 1 vs 1 turn-based fighting game. Imagine a turn-based Street Fighter, but with weapons and armor that you can change to outmatch your opponent.

New players start as a low-level fighter and must win matches to earn XP and gold. XP can then be used to level up their fighter making them stronger with more ability points to allocate.


Cats in Mechs

Cats in Mechs is a shoot ’em up RPG in which you can build cat robots, battle with others for the glory of the swords, level-up your deadly blockchain cats and craft like a dwarf.



ReBounce reinvents the classic schoolyard game of wall ball by adding a few interesting mechanics that you will surely never experience beyond the digital realm.



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