(Ljubljana, Slovenia, 3 April 2019): Kriptomat has announced the next major push in its quest to bring cryptocurrency and other blockchain services into every home in the world – a chance for users and retail investors to own a stake in the company through an innovative method, a Security Token Offering (STO).

Launched in Tallinn, Estonia in 2018, Kriptomat is a fully regulated and secure, user-friendly platform to trade and store cryptocurrencies. The platform provides users with tools to pay for services and goods, and grants access to a variety of peer to peer payment systems.

As a founding member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), an organization supported by the EU Commission, the company aims to simplify and democratize the often murky world of cryptocurrencies. Kriptomat makes the trading of digital currencies accessible to regular people who may be put off by the complexity of the entire process.

The company has set itself the ambitious goal of bringing blockchain and digital currencies into every home.

”I believe crypto will evolve and will fuel the new economy, where everyone is in control of their money and everyone can transfer value between people and devices in real-time, in a way and time they choose,” says Srdjan Mahmutovic, CEO of KRIPTOMAT.

However, he is well aware of the obstacles faced before this can happen: “Crypto needs to become much more practical and easy to use for an average consumer before everyone starts using it.”

“This is where we come into play. We’re making digital currencies extremely easy to use and manage by making it simple to buy and also by giving users a wallet to manage their crypto that resembles and functions exactly like a mobile banking app.”


Bold new plans

Having experienced phenomenal growth since its inception just over a year ago, Kriptomat has decided to bring its usual innovative approach to the question of raising funds in order to scale its operations to the next level.

Mahmutovic explains: “As a platform, we are growing exponentially and have reached a point where we need additional funds to maintain and even speed up this growth. Rather than look for institutional investors, we decided to involve the people who have made us successful, our users.

“In this way, our investors are also our potential users and we want them to be a part of our growth and share our success. By giving our users the chance to purchase Security Tokens which pay out if, or rather when, we are doing well, they will be more motivated to help us succeed.”

To bring this ambitious plan to life, Kriptomat has chosen to partner with DESICO, the EU compliant Security Token Issuance platform and launch a Security Token Offering (STO).

DESICO CEO Laimonas Noreika is thrilled at the prospect of working with Kriptomat.

“We feel this is a fantastic opportunity and perfect match for our technology. Kriptomat is a great product, built by an experienced team with a superb track record and huge ambitions,” says Noreika.

“The business model of the platform is a great fit for STO, as users are in a unique position to drive the platform’s growth themselves. The more revenue Kriptomat makes, the more the users stand to gain financially,”

The Security Token Offering will allow its investors to buy securities worth 1.8 million EUR. The STO will be launched in May 2019 and will be hosted by DESICO platform. The STO details will be released on April 15th. We will announce them on kriptomat.io and via our social media channels.

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About Kriptomat: Kriptomat is a fully compliant and regulated platform for buying, secure storing and using cryptocurrencies for any payments.

The Kriptomat exchange platform allows non-tech-savvy users and crypto beginners to enter the world of cryptocurrencies easier than ever before, giving them a user-friendly interface and secure, regulated environment to ease into the new economy.

Users can purchase, sell and store cryptocurrencies in their local language, and use them to pay for things, which allows them to realize the full potential of the digital currency revolution.

The aim is to make it really easy for users to be able to buy everything from electricity to consumer goods to financial services.

Kriptomat’s local support services—available in every country in the European Union—give customers the peace of mind that help is never far away.



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