We have some great news for those of you who live in Sweden. Kriptomat has just added Zimpler as an exciting and extremely easy to use bank payment method!

Zimpler is one of Sweden’s fastest growing fintech companies and offers an innovative bank payment solution within Sweden, with plans of expanding into other territories. Their aim has always been to make mobile payments simpler, which is a perfect fit for Kriptomat’s vision of a user-friendly experience with cryptocurrencies.

Zimpler’s main product is Zimpler GO, an instant account solution that lets users sign up and complete instant bank transactions in a straightforward flow. The company has received awards from Deloitte Fast 50 for two consecutive years and is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Institution.

Read more below to find out how you can easily buy cryptocurrencies with Zimpler on Kriptomat.


Tutorial on how to buy cryptocurrencies with Zimpler

After you have set up your Zimpler account, you will have to register to Kriptomat. The whole process will not take more than 5 minutes, and you can see all the tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Follow our step-by-step guide!


Step 1: Go to the Buy/Sell section

buy crypto with zimpler tutorial 1

This is what you will see if you never made any SEPA deposits to Kriptomat. If you wish to buy cryptocurrencies, you will have to go to the “Buy/Sell” section, highlighted in red.


Step 2: Choose Zimpler as a payment method

buy crypto with zimpler tutorial 2

This is where you see all the cryptocurrencies that are available for purchase on Kriptomat. In this example, we will be buying Bitcoin. Below the list of cryptocurrencies, you will see various payment methods. Choose Zimpler, highlighted in red.


Step 3: Enter the buying amount

buy crypto with zimpler tutorial 3

Enter the euro amount you want to spend or the Bitcoin amount that you want to buy. Then click the “Buy Bitcoin” button, highlighted in red.


Step 4: Review and confirm the transaction

buy crypto with zimpler tutorial 4

You will be able to review the transaction and check if everything is okay. You will be shown the buying amount, the transaction fee, and the total amount spent. If everything is okay, click the “Confirm transaction” button.


Step 5: Choose a payment method within Zimpler

how to use zimpler to easily buy cryptocurrencies

The Zimpler input form will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You will have multiple payment options. In this example, we will be paying from a Bank account. Click the “PAY” button.


Step 6: Enter your phone number

buy crypto with zimpler tutorial 6

Here comes the cool part! To confirm the purchase, you only have to enter your phone number in the highlighted box. Click “CONTINUE” after you enter your phone number.


Step 7: Enter the 4-digit confirmation code

buy crypto with zimpler tutorial 7

You will receive a 4-digit confirmation code to your mobile phone. Enter the number into the box, highlighted in red.


Step 8: Transaction is successful!

buy crypto with zimpler tutorial 8


And that’s it! All you really need is your mobile phone.

Some personal information was blurred out from the screenshots because the purchase was made from an actual account of one of our users.


Closing Comments

“The fundamental idea behind Kriptomat is to bring cryptocurrencies to every household. We do this by the simplicity of service and making sure our users truly understand what they are doing. That is why we offer 30 cryptocurrencies in pair with euro and we have a service available in 20+ languages.
We are at a point where classical currencies and cryptocurrencies meet, and the logical step was to introduce payment methods to make that process even more fluent.
First new payment method we chose to add is Zimpler from Sweden. Like Kriptomat, they are an innovative, trusted, secure and user-experience oriented fin-tech service. Their on-boarding process is one of the easiest I’ve seen so far and it was a logical step for us to integrate with them. People from Sweden, Finland, and Germany can now enter the world of cryptocurrencies even easier, using the integration of two user trusted partners,” says Dejan Davidovic, CBDO and co-founder at Kriptomat.


“We are thrilled to get the opportunity to improve the payment experience for Kriptomats mobile customers. Kriptomat distinguishes themselves in the cryptomarket by their focus on simplicity and mainstream users. Which is amazing, because it’s such a neat alignment with Zimpler and our values”, says Jonas Persson, VP Sales at Zimpler.


This text is informative in nature and should not be considered an investment recommendation. It does not express the personal opinion of the author or service. Any investment or trading is risky, and past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Risk only assets that you are willing to lose.