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Kriptomat’s Referral Program

Terms and Conditions 


Kriptomat (also “We”, “Us”, and similar) refers to FintechX OÜ, established in Estonia, registry code 14424637

Kriptomat User (User) means a User of the Kriptomat platform.

New User means a user who has not yet registered to Kriptomat.

Referrer means a User of the Kriptomat platform who introduces another person to be a User by a respective referral link subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Referee means a person to whom a Referrer sends the Referral Link.

Referral Award is the award given for successful recommendation of Kriptomat services to New Users subject to fulfillment of certain conditions as set in the Referral Terms.

Referred User or Referee means a person who registers himself as Kriptomat’s User using the unique referral link sent by the Referrer.

Referral Link means a unique link (code) in the User’s Kriptomat account that is to be shared with other persons in order to become New Users.

Referral Program means a Kriptomat system that incentivizes Users to recommend our products and services through a personal invite within their own network (family, friends, and others) based on these Terms and Special Referral Promotions, managed under these Terms.

Referral Reward means a reward as a payment payable to the Referrer and/or the Referred Person on their Kriptomat account subject to the fulfillment of the conditions as set in these Terms or Special Referral Campaigns.

Referral Terms means Kriptomat’s Referral Program Terms and Conditions and Special Referral Promotions if and as applicable from time to time.

Special Referral Promotion means special terms applicable to Referral Program as published from time to time by Kriptomat.

URL means a unique link generated to the Referrer by Kriptomat for participating in the Referral Program.

By participating in the Kriptomat Referral Program you agree to accept and comply with Kriptomat Referral Program Terms and Conditions and any other applicable conditions communicated to you within Special Referral Promotions as applicable from time to time (the “ Referral Terms”). You should read the entire Referral Terms before participating in the Referral Program.  When you share the Referral Link it is considered you agree to the Referral Terms. If you do not agree with the Referral Terms or any part of them, you may not use the Referral Link.

Important notice: We reserve our right to change, cancel, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Referral Program or the Referral Terms at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion, taking into account the user’s benefits and rewards earned. You agree it is your responsibility to follow and review any such changes. We will notify you of any changes via our webpage becoming effective on the day of their publication. It shall be considered that you agree with the changed Referral Terms if you continue to participate in the Referral Program after the changes become effective.


How does it work?

Kriptomat provides you with a Referral Link in your Kriptomat account. You may invite others to become new Kriptomat users by sharing your Referral Link with them.

You and the Referred User will get 10 EUR (ten euros) worth of Bitcoin (BTC) as a reward on your Kriptomat Bitcoin wallet when all of the following criteria are met:

  •  Referred Userregisters on Kriptomat platform via your Referral Link, and
  • Within 30 days of registration initiates a buy or sale transaction(s) of any cryptocurrency in the total value of 100 EUR (one hundred euros) or more, and
  • The Referred User maintains a crypto balance in the value of minimum 100 EUR (one hundred euros) for minimum 30 days from meeting the minimum requirement of the transaction value.

The referral award is one-time for each Referred User.

Upon meeting the above-listed criteria, we will  credit you and Referred User the Referral Reward within 15 days latest.

The Referrer and the Referee shall receive the Referral Reward only in cases where both are eligible to participate in the Referral Program in accordance with Referral Terms. In case any of the two is not eligible to participate in the Referral Program or not eligible to receive Referral Reward, We may decide not to provide Referral Reward.

Special Referral Promotion campaigns may apply from time to time which may define different rewards and/or conditions as valid for the set period. It is important you check the referral conditions prior to participating in the Referral Program.

A User may send Referral Link as many times as they like. You can share your Referral Link via Email, Facebook, or Twitter. It is important that the link on kriptomat.io is used (for example kriptomat.io/join/83985930 or a similar link) and that the Referred User clicks on the Referral Link. The Referral Links have a special code on the end enabling us to link your account with the Referred User. When someone clicks your Referral Link, a link between your account and the Referred User shall be stored with the help of cookies. The cookie will store the data for 30 days during which the Referred User can either use the provided registration form in the Referral Link or can register directly on the Kriptomat website.

When you send a Referral Link within your network, the invitees will receive an email with a Referral Link. By clicking on the link the Referred User will be directed to a webpage with a registration form where your name (the Referrer’s name) and the first letter of surname (example: Jonathan K.) will be shown. Also when you send a referral invitation to persons within your network, a cookie will be created with a maximum term age of 30 days and we will also save your URL identificator. We will only use personal data for the purposes of the Referral Program, namely to establish relations between you, the invitee, and the user who received the Referral Link (Referred User) and to fulfill our obligations towards you and the new user on the basis of these Referral Terms. For more information regarding data privacy please see our Privacy Policy.

In case the Referred User receives several Referral Links, the Referral Link to which the Referred User first clicked is activated.


Kriptomat may from time to time publish Special Referral Promotions. In such cases and under the conditions and for the period as defined in such Special Referral Promotions, the terms of such special promotion apply. In the event of a discrepancy between the provision of these Terms and Special Referral Promotion terms, the provision of Special Referral Promotion applies.


Kriptomat may also apply special referral conditions to individual Referrers. In case of such agreement between Kriptomat and individual Refferer, the conditions of such special referral conditions shall prevail.   


How can you become a Referrer?

Only Kriptomat Users may participate in the Kriptomat Referral Program. Further, to be eligible to participate in the Referral Program you are required to maintain your Kriptomat account in good order and in accordance with the provision of Kriptomat General Terms of Service, and participate in the Referral Program with fair intentions of promoting our services (please see more about Referral Program misuse below).

How can you become a Referee?

To be eligible for the award the Referred User must fall into the definition of New User. A User who has already registered or has an account with Kriptomat prior to clicking on the referral link cannot be a Referred User.

To be eligible for the Referral Award the Referred User must fulfill the following cumulative conditions:

  • To register within 30 days after clicking on your Referral Link, and
  • initiate one or more buy or sale transaction(s) of any cryptocurrency in the total value of 100 EUR (one hundred EUR) within 30 days after its registration, and
  • Keep a minimum crypto balance the value of 100 EUR (one hundred euros) or more for 30 days after fulfilling the requirement from the previous item.

A Referee may use a Referral link only once; combining multiple Referral Links is not possible.


What is considered Referral Program misuse and what are the consequences?

As a Referrer, you are eligible to invite others to become New Users by sharing your Referral Link with them with the aim to open an account with Kritptomat and become our users.

Referral Links should be used as personal invite and for non-commercial purposes only. In case Referral Links will be used solely for the purpose of exploiting the reward system, We will restrict your participation in the Referral Program.

The following actions when using the Referral Link are prohibited:

  • Promoting your referral code through the use of paid advertising “Kriptomat” or Kriptomat related keywords. This includes (but is not limited to) bidding or running ads on search brand keywords that include “Kriptomat” or similar variations or using the Kriptomat brand in your ad copy.
  • Promoting the Referral Link through a public site or domain.
  • Spamming, mass emailing, or performing any similar mass messaging.
  • Using automated systems, bots, or scripts.
  • Encouraging the invitees to register and make a transaction solely with a purpose to exploit the reward system, without the actual purpose of becoming a Kriptomat customer; such statements are made either publicly or deducted based on further behavior of the New Users.
  • Using the Referral system solely as a source of revenue. Kriptomat reserves the right to make a decision in its sole discretion whether the Referrer is exploiting the Referral Program lacking the basic intention of being a customer of Kriptomat.
  • Using the Kriptomat brand, the Referral Program, our services, Kriptomat platform in connection with any offensive, abusive, harassing, or defamatory content, or in any such manner contrary to the principles of fairness and integrity. Kriptomat reserves the right to determine such misappropriate use at its sole discretion.

In case We detect such inappropriate use of the Referral Program Kriptomat reserves the right to:

  • Deactivate your Referral Link at any time and at its own discretion
  • Disable rewards resulting from such activities, resulting in Referrers becoming ineligible for referral payments
  • Limit the use of the Referral Link (e.g. defining the maximum number of link shares)
  • Disqualify any actions performed by the Referrer or Referee and not award any Referral Rewards, or in the event that a Reward has already been awarded, take the award back or limit the withdrawal of the value of the award at its sole discretion
  • Accept and implement any other measure(s) to protect the interest of Kriptomat and the Referral Program.

Important notice: Kriptomat may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate, restrict, or suspend any user’s participation in the Program for breach of these Referral Terms, or if We find that your method of or intentions for participating in the Referral Program do not meet the conditions and purpose as defined in the Referral Terms, or We suspect any fraud or any manipulation of the referral rules or abuse of Referral Program/campaign. Kriptomat, therefore, reserves the right to suspend your account or to deny, cancel the distribution, deactivate your Referral Link, deduct any Referral Rewards from your Kriptomat account, or decline being awarded, in the event that it determines or believes that Referral Reward was received in a fraudulent manner, in manipulation or in violation of the Referral Terms, or by an error, including technical errors.

We may also restrict your participation in the Referral Program if your country of nationality is excluded from the countries where we enable the Referral Program (applicable in case we restrict certain countries from the Referral Program).


What else should I know?

Kriptomat does not inform the tax or other authorities about the revenue earned from the Referral Program. Users must educate themselves about the tax law provisions on such rewards in their countries and notify the tax authorities about such revenue if necessary. In case the authorities ask for data about the revenue of a specific user, Kriptomat will be obliged to share the information.

You can see your referral history in your Kriptomat account.

In case of termination of the Referral Program all referrals successfully made before the termination will receive the reward.

For any further information on the terms and conditions of use of Kriptomat services, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Version: 3.0
11 October 2022

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