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How to buy & sell NFTs at Magic Eden

All you need is a credit card to buy, sell, and mint NFTs at this fast-paced trading marketplace.

How to Buy & Sell at Magic Eden

What is Magic Eden?

The founders of Magic Eden see the project as a land of limitless opportunity for NFT-based art and culture.

Magic Eden was the first marketplace to offer users bidding, a rarity index, and a dedicated minting platform that connects automatically to the secondary marketplace.

In addition to its role as a secondary marketplace for NFTs minted elsewhere, Magic Eden provides a number of distinctive functions.

For example, the Magic Eden Launchpad is an exclusive minting platform that currently accepts only 3% of proposed projects. Once accepted, NFT minters have access to the full exposure and wide reach of Magic Eden, with great potential for secondary trading.

Magic Eden offers its marketplace and minting engine to entrepreneurs on a white label basis. This means Magic Eden partners can create their own marketplaces or NFT-minting facilities easily.

Magic Eden is especially known as a home for secondary trading of NFTs associated with online games.


Users: 850,000

all-time volume

All-time volume: 1,500,000,000


Users: 2021


Blockchain: Solana

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Buy, sell, and mint NFTs on Magic Eden now

Here’s the fast, easy way to establish an account and participate in the bustling Magic Eden NFT marketplace.

  1. Download Kriptomat App
    To start using Magic Eden marketplace, download the Kriptomat app and create your account in minutes. It’s available on both iOS and Android.
  2. Go to your Web3 wallet
    Visit your Web3 wallet. It is the simplest way to access the Web3 world. Click Discover to find Magic Eden among the most popular NFT marketplaces.
  3. Connect your Kriptomat Web3 wallet to Magic Eden
    Open Magic Eden and connect your Kriptomat Web3 wallet using WalletConnect. You can easily find Kriptomat among listed wallets and clicking Connect to confirm.
  4. Start using Magic Eden marketplace
    Now that you have connected your Kriptomat Web3 wallet, you are ready to begin buying, selling, and minting NFTs at Magic Eden. The Magic Eden website maintains detailed, updated instructions for these tasks:

Kriptomat App
Fast, secure and easy