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Less Fees, No Hidden Costs

Our fees are as low as they can go. Plus, we always notify you of the exact amount you’ll receive before you confirm each transaction.

Pay by Credit Card or Bank Account

Buy instantly via credit card, bank account and all major EUR payment methods.

Regulated for Safety

Kriptomat is government-regulated, legally compliant, and fully-licensed in Estonia under EU legislation, for your peace of mind.

We speak your language

Delivering our platform, app, documentation, and support in 20+ languages.

Offering the most wanted digital currencies

We listen to our users and have added all of the most requested digital currencies.

Multiple Payment Methods

Make instant purchases using multiple payment methods.

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What our discerning partners have to say

I consider Kriptomat a top EU exchange. I was very impressed by their comprehensive selection process, it proved to me that they care deeply about their users and want to give them the best options possible.

Maxim Blagov
CEO and Co-founder at Enjin

Kriptomat is one of the most innovative development companies in the entire cryptocurrency space. In my experience, they truly care about their users and go above and beyond to support them. They are obsessed with pushing the blockchain movement forward and, as a result, the Kriptomat Rewards program is by far the most incredible use of blockchain rewards I’ve ever seen in my life.

Simon Kertonegoro
CEO of Beyond Horizon

Kriptomat is not just a fast, simple and convenient way to buy and store your first crypto coins in life. Kriptomat is a treasury of knowledge.
The most important thing for new people that are entering the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is understanding the basics of cryptocurrencies, and this is where Kriptomat got you covered with their knowledge base.
Their support team is very responsive and they got you covered on every layer of your cryptocurrency learning curve.

Jure Pirc
President of Bitcoin Association Slovenia