What is AdEx (ADX)?

AdEx is a cutting-edge Web3 marketing platform that leverages blockchain technology and programmatic advertising to ensure a transparent and fraud-protected ad-buying experience for Web3 advertisers. With AdEx, Web3 advertisers can tap into untapped crypto audiences and have full control over their ad spending.

The native token of the platform, ADX token, has numerous utilities, functioning as a rewards, staking, payment, and governance tool within the AdEx ecosystem. Validators, responsible for platform integrity, are rewarded with ADX tokens for their services, whereas token holders can stake their tokens, earning generous rewards and participating in governance votes. Furthermore, advertisers on the platform can use the ADX token, benefiting from lower campaign fees compared to other payment methods available.

How Does AdEx Work?

AdEx is based on the Ethereum network, which allows the network to leverage the power of smart contracts from Ethereum and utilize them for complex tasks and functions within the system. AdEx transactions, tracking of ads, and other complex functions are enabled thanks to the functionality of Ethereum smart contracts.

AdEx Core is composed of several components, which are integral to the system – ADX Publisher Registry, ADX token, ADX User Registry, ADX Advertiser Registry, and ADX Exchange. At first, AdEx functioned only as an exchange for ads, but now it has more functionalities to enable a customizable experience for advertisers and publishers.

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The network creates three different classes of network participants: users, publishers, and advertisers. Publishers own, create, and distribute content across the network. They host ads on their websites and get paid for their services. Furthermore, the system ensures that all the clicks and impressions on the published ads are genuine so that publishers are able to monetize the real value of their work.

Publishers have full control over which ads are being published on their websites, so they can use the platform to manage ad preferences by adding or removing any ad from their websites. Advertisers also have full control over their ads, and can likewise decide whether they want their ad to be hosted on a certain website or not.

Who Are the Founders of AdEx? (History of AdEx)

AdEx Network launched in 2017 as a decentralized exchange for ads and ad-related services, later upgrading to an ultimate ecosystem for decentralized advertising with full control, privacy, and transparency. The project was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov.

Aside from creating a platform for advertising where every network participant has full control over their ad preferences, AdEx allows staking through the novel AdEx staking ecosystem.

What Makes AdEx Unique?

AdEx allows users to take full control over their advertisements, advertising campaigns, and overall preferences by offering transparency and privacy. The system also directly connects advertisers with users and publishers within the AdEx ecosystem, therefore removing the need of a central authority that is otherwise a characteristic of traditional ad platforms like Google Ads.

AdEx also offers full customization of users’ AdEx profiles, so participants on the network can customize their ad preferences and get the most out of their ad campaigns. Whereas traditional ad platforms depend on a central authority, AdEx is decentralized and directly connects all network participants, while publishers are paid for their services without any middlemen taking most of their commissions.

What Gives AdEx Value?

AdEx derives value from its technical capacity, the technology behind the project, its use cases, and the overall relevancy of AdEx. These elements define the intrinsic value of the project, as opposed to its market value, which often doesn’t match the perceived real-life value of AdEx and its functionalities. The market value of AdEx is seen in the price of ADX, which is subject to frequent fluctuations.

ADX price is susceptible to dramatic and radical changes that may push the price up or pull it down, depending on market trends and trend reversals at a given time. Ultimately, AdEx is as valuable as its utility and the relevancy of its use cases.

How Many AdEx (ADX) Coins Are There in Circulation?

There are currently loading ADX in circulation. AdEx has a capped total supply, which means that the supply of ADX coins is limited. The limited supply is used as an anti-inflation mechanism by numerous cryptocurrency projects. The capped supply prevents the inflation-driven devaluation of AdEx tokens. 

The number of ADX coins in circulation multiplied by the current market price of AdEx is equal to the market cap of the project’s coins. The market cap ranks the crypto in comparison with other cryptocurrencies, and also defines its market share and dominance.

Other Technical Data

Advertisers are one of the integral network participant classes and they have full control over where and when their ads are being published, with full autonomy to control their ads on multiple websites at the same time – hundreds even, and all through a single Dapp interface based on smart contracts and run on Ethereum. Advertisers pay to have their ads hosted, while DAI tokens are used as the main method of payment.

Users choose what ads they want to see, which helps advertisers track the overall success of their ads and ad campaigns. AdEx also allows staking of ADX. Users can stake ADX in the staking portal that launched in 2020. Stakers can earn rewards based on their staked ADX balances in a process known as security mining, which is AdEx’s version of yield farming.

How is AdEx Network Secured?

AdEx ensures that the network and network operations are secured and transparent, while validators are chosen by ADX holders who stake their ADX balances in the system’s staking pools. Validators are chosen for every ad campaign organized on the network and have the role of validating payments between publishers and advertisers. 

The security of the network also depends on the efficiency of staking on the network. The more stakers and the greater the staked balance, the more secure the network becomes. The overall functionality of smart contracts used in AdEx depends on Ethereum, which also secures smart contract operations for AdEx users.

How to Use AdEx

AdEx can be used by publishers, advertisers, and internet users to improve the overall service in the sector of digital advertising. As a publisher, you can earn an income by hosting ads while keeping full control over which advertisements appear on your websites. As an advertiser, you can directly commission publishers to host your ads, while you can choose on which websites you want your ads to appear.

Users can contribute to the network by sending feedback on the ads they like and don’t like seeing on the websites they usually visit. The ADX token can be used for staking, which allows stakers to earn more ADX and participate in the selection of validators. ADX can also be traded against other crypto and fiat currencies in the crypto market.

How to Choose an AdEx Wallet?

As an ERC-20 token, ADX can be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum and the type of wallet you choose will likely depend on what you want to use it for and how much you need to store.

Hardware wallets or cold wallets like Ledger or Trezor provide the most secure option for storing cryptocurrencies with offline storage and backup. However, they can require more technical knowledge and are a more expensive option. As such, they may be better suited to storing larger amounts of ADX for more experienced users.

Software wallets provide another option and are free and easy to use. They are available to download as smartphone or desktop apps and can be custodial or non-custodial. With custodial wallets, the private keys are managed and backed up on your behalf by the service provider. Non-custodial wallets make use of secure elements on your device to store the private keys. While convenient, they are seen as less secure than hardware wallets and may be better suited to smaller amounts of ADX or more novice users.

Online wallets or web wallets are also free and easy to use, and accessible from multiple devices using a web browser. They are, however, considered hot wallets and can be less secure than hardware or software alternatives. As you are likely trusting the platform to manage your ADX, you should select a reputable service with a track record in security and custody. As such, they are most suited for holding smaller amounts of cryptocurrencies or for those making more frequent trades.

Kriptomat offers a secure storage solution, allowing you to both store and trade your ADX tokens without hassle. Storing your ADX with Kriptomat provides you with enterprise-grade security and user-friendly functionality.

Buying and selling ADX, or trading it for any other cryptocurrency, is done in mere moments when you choose our secure platform as your storage solution.

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AdEx Proof of Stake

ADX holders can stake their tokens in order to become validators on the network and a small portion of these tokens can be burned if they misbehave. Validators can also choose to create staking pools to allow other ADX holders to stake their tokens in the validator’s name in return for a share of the staking rewards. The incentivized staking campaign, which began in 2021, generates an annual percentage yield of more than 50%.

Although the AdEx network is secured by staking, ad impressions can only be submitted by solving a Proof of Work challenge to protect the digital advertising system from fraud.


AdEx diversifies the traditional concept of advertising platforms as it offers full control over ads and ad preferences to publishers, advertisers, and users on the network. The network revolutionizes the way ads are used by offering transparency, privacy, control, and decentralization.

AdEx creates a unique ecosystem that connects internet users, advertisers, and publishers without central authorities, while the entire monetization of ads and ad campaigns belongs to network participants.

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How can I pay for ads on AdEx?

Deposits and withdrawals from AdEx are supported in DAI to maintain stability. There are also options for fiat currencies for the less crypto-savvy users.

Do I need a wallet to use AdEx?

The team recommends using a secure crypto wallet with AdEx. However, users can also sign up with just an email address and a browser wallet will be created for them instead. This is less secure but a different wallet can be linked to their account at a later date.

How to buy AdEx?

Buying ADX is as easy as visiting Kriptomat’s how to buy AdEx page and choosing your preferred method of payment.

How to sell AdEx?

If you already own ADX and hold it in a Kriptomat exchange wallet, you can easily sell it by navigating the interface and choosing your desired payment option.

AdEx Price

AdEx price is in constant flux and is subject to often radical changes and price swings, depending on the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, as well as a multitude of specific factors that can influence the price of AdEx within a relatively short period. You can check live ADX prices on Kriptomat.

As well as traditional factors such as market sentiment, the flow of assets on exchanges, and the economy in general, the price of ADX is also influenced by the amount of tokens being staked and the popularity of the AdEx platform.

The current AdEx price is loading EUR.

The 24-hour trading volume of ADX is loading EUR. ADX is currently ranked of all cryptocurrencies by total market capitalization, with a market cap of loading EUR. It has a circulating supply of loading ADX.

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