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Bitcoin Cash price overview

The current Bitcoin Cash price is loading EUR. The price has changed by EUR in the past 24 hours on trading volume of loading EUR. The market rank of Bitcoin Cash is based on a market capitalization of loading EUR. Bitcoin Cash has a circulating supply of loading. The highest recorded Bitcoin Cash price is loading EUR. And the lowest recorded BCH price is loading EUR.

How do Bitcoin Cash price movements correlate with market trends? Check our comprehensive cryptocurrency price page for information at a glance.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) launched in 2017 as a Bitcoin hard fork. Just like with any other fork, the Bitcoin Cash dev team (two teams in BCH’s case) aimed to improve Bitcoin while keeping the original idea of its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. After continuous disputes between the two development teams, Bitcoin Cash went through another hard fork in 2018. The hard fork resulted in two different coins derived from Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV), splitting both the chain and the BCH community.

Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, citing the Bitcoin whitepaper, and its central idea of increasing the block size is done in order to increase the capacity of the blockchain – scaling it up to process more transactions per second (TPS). Bitcoin Cash is based on Bitcoin Core, which means that the two cryptos share some technical features. However, BCH was created to enable faster transactions that would be more cost-efficient when compared to the “original” cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash’s price is susceptible to frequent changes in relation to its total supply, market cap, demand, intrinsic value, and other specific factors. If you want to know more about its movements, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled everything you need to know in order to better understand past BCH price action – and the factors that influence it.

BCH Price History

The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) depends on numerous specific factors, one of which being the balance between its market cap and its circulating supply. The total supply, capped at 21 million BCH (just like BTC), also contributes to the price. The inherent scarcity of BCH means its price often moves mostly in relation to the demand for it in the market. The price is also impacted by its trading volume, important news and events (or even rumors), and the overall sentiment among traders and investors. It is very important to consider that the total supply of BCH is limited; unlike with the US dollar, for example, Bitcoin Cash is immune to the sometimes devastating effects of currency inflation. New BCH won’t ever be mined once the total supply of 21 million is in circulation.

Bitcoin Cash joined the market of cryptocurrencies on August 1st, 2017, when the crypto started trading at a price of $240. Bitcoin Cash price was then driven by a highly positive sentiment that was bringing all major cryptos to new all-time high (ATH) prices, with BCH reaching a high price of $3,785. That value remains the ultimate ATH for BCH thus far.

In 2018, trends ceased to work in favor of pumping BCH price, so traders witnessed declines and an all-time low recorded at $76 in December 2018. The highest price for Bitcoin Cash in 2018 was $1,847, while BCH lost 90% of its value within the year-to-year change. In March 2018, Bitcoin Cash traded at around $600, going through a major rebound early in April with a 97% gain, bringing BCH value to $1,347.

2019 was particularly bearish for Bitcoin Cash as the crypto fell to new lows and had a hard time finding support, let alone recovering. The highest price in 2019 was set at $443 in May after a series of gains that increased BCH’s value by 66% in that month alone. The lowest yearly price is recorded at $113 at the beginning of 2019. The crypto didn’t get a chance to recover beyond May price changes, so the average price for BCH in 2019 was $255.

In January 2020, Bitcoin Cash price went through a rebound, recording the highest value for the year at $497. However, the crypto then took a downward path, which brought it to new lows and an average price of $277. The lowest price for the year was $130. At the end of the year, BCH showed signs of bullishness with gains that brought Bitcoin Cash price above $300.

The bullish momentum continued into the next year, so BCH price is seeing returns with the highest price of $749 and the present price of $523 after a change of 55%.

Analyzing Bitcoin Cash Price History

When analyzing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price history, traders and investors can turn to many techniques that are traditionally used by stock traders in order to analyze current and predict future BCH market value. By taking a closer look into the price history of BCH, we can identify trends and recognize patterns created by the price movement, which could help us forecast the future value of Bitcoin Cash.

Technical analysis (TA) is commonly used as an investment tool to examine and predict price movement in the market of cryptocurrencies and other financial markets. TA uses price charts and statistics sourced from the market with the idea that traders can form accurate predictions on the future price trajectory.

Crypto traders also use fundamental and sentiment analysis to form their predictions and make an accurate forecast on the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Fundamental analysis (FA) is used to determine the market value and the real-world value of BCH and other tradable assets in the market. With fundamental analysis, traders can compare the intrinsic value of BCH to other elements affecting the price, such as financial and economic factors. Fundamental analysis also relies on important news and events, upgrades and updates, project developments, improvements, and other significant changes such as the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) / Bitcoin SV (BSV) split in the 2018 hard fork.

Sentiment analysis is a data processing technique used to determine the value of opinion data, evaluating it as positive, negative, or neutral. Sentiment can affect the price of cryptos such as BCH depending on how investors feel and what they think about BCH at a given moment. Sentiment analysis is also known as opinion mining, as this technique takes different opinions into consideration to form current sentiment that can be used to predict the future value of Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash and other crypto assets are commonly subjected to price booms and radical price changes that can bring major losses and major gains alike, depending on a multitude of specific elements that affect the market price of BCH. Accurately predicting the future price of Bitcoin Cash can be the difference between collecting returns on initial investment or counting losses.

Factors Influencing the Price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Although Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin have philosophical differences, BCH kept some crucial technicalities that define Bitcoin. One of those technical similarities is the total supply. Bitcoin Cash has the same total supply as Bitcoin, limited to 21 million BCH. Once the entire total supply is in circulation, no new BCH units will be mined. This mechanism was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto as a way to prevent inflation. The scarcity of BCH can lead to increased demand, resulting in subsequent price increases.

Bitcoin Cash price can be affected by a multitude of specific factors that play an important role in determining the market value of BCH and other crypto assets. Bitcoin Cash is also greatly affected by the overall momentum of the greater cryptocurrency market – specifically Bitcoin. Bitcoin accounts for nearly 60% of the total crypto market value, which is why Bitcoin Cash and other projects tend to follow the trajectory of Bitcoin to form new market prices.

Live Bitcoin Cash Value and Market Cap

The live price of Bitcoin Cash is in constant flux as its value is always changing to match the sentiment, market trends, and the overall trajectory of the cryptocurrency market in relation to other factors such as market cap, cap dominance, and total supply. The balance between buying and selling BCH is what ultimately determines its market price at a given time. The buy-and-sell activity can be observed through trading volumes, which also expresses demand.

Given BCH’s volatility, its live price can change by a large amount in a very short space of time. The market cap of Bitcoin Cash is equal to the current market price of BCH multiplied by the number of BCH in circulation.

Bitcoin Cash Price FAQ

What is the highest Bitcoin Cash price in EUR?

Bitcoin Cash price history shows that BCH has recorded a peak value of loading EUR.

What is the lowest Bitcoin Cash price in EUR?

BCH price history shows that loading EUR EUR is the lowest recorded Bitcoin Cash value.

How can I buy Bitcoin Cash?

You can purchase Bitcoin Cash and over 290 different cryptocurrencies in seconds with Kriptomat, learn more about how to buy Bitcoin Cash. It’s available for immediate purchase at the current BCH price quote of loading EUR. Current prices are always displayed in the BCH chart.

What is the current Bitcoin Cash price in EUR?

Kriptomat data confirms that the current Bitcoin Cash price is loading EUR.

Is Bitcoin Cash a Good Investment 2021?

Bitcoin Cash is rebounding in 2021 as the general crypto market has been showing an exceptionally bullish/upwards momentum in a continuous fashion. If this trend continues, BCH holders are likely to see favorable returns on their investments this year.

What Will Bitcoin Cash Be Worth in 2025?

Since BCH has a limited total supply of 21 million (of which nearly 19 million is already in circulation), crypto analysts suggest that this factor alone may influence the price in a positive manner as the total supply is thinning. Low supplies and high demands for BCH may push the price of Bitcoin Cash beyond its current ATH by 2025.

What is the Difference Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

Essentially, Bitcoin Cash increases the block size over what is used by the original Bitcoin Core (BTC) blockchain in order to enable faster transactions and a higher level of scalability.


Bitcoin Cash has seen a total price range so far of around $76 to highs of over $3,000. BCH is always fluctuating, forming new lows and new highs on a year-to-year basis. The price of BCH is affected by numerous factors including its overall demand, trading volume, and utility.

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