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Lesson 6: Using Kriptomat for Swing Trading

Set automatic buy and sell orders

Automatic buy and sell orders let you automatically buy and sell an asset at a predefined price. This can help you catch good opportunities to buy at bargain prices. It also helps minimize losses in case of a sudden market downturn. Finally, it lets you earn profits by selling at high prices that occur at any time – day or night.

Setting up automatic buy and sell orders on Kriptomat is easy.

Log in to your Kriptomat account. Under the Build Portfolio tab select Auto Buy/Sell. To create a buy order, click on the ‘New buy-at-price’ button.

First enter the amount you wish to buy in EUR. The minimum amount is 50 EUR. The maximum amount for BTC and ETH is 250,000 EUR but can be less for other crypto assets.

Next, choose the asset you wish to buy from the list. We’ll use Bitcoin in our example.

Enter the value at which you wish to buy the selected cryptocurrency. You can also choose the percentage deviation from the current price.

Once the price reaches the desired value, the payment will be made using EUR available in your account balance, so make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.

Click on Preview transaction to see a recap of your buy order. Once you click on confirm, your order will be added to your Buy orders list. Your transaction is now pending. Please note that a transaction can be pending for days, weeks or even months – until the price reaches your desired value. If this never happens, the transaction will never be executed.

In very rare cases, your order is not executed when the price reaches the predefined value. This happens when the prices change so quickly that it is impossible to execute your purchase. In this case, the order will be cancelled, your funds will remain in your account, and you will receive an email notification.

Bear in mind that once you set an Auto Buy order, the funds reserved for this purchase cannot be used for other purposes.

You can cancel it by clicking on the three-dotted menu next to the order, selecting Cancel open order and clicking on Confirm.

Creating sell orders is virtually the same as with buy orders. To create a sell order, click on the ‘New sell-at-price’ button. You will need to own cryptocurrency to create a sell order.

First, select the asset you’re selling from the provided list. Next, enter the amount you wish to sell expressed in the asset you’re selling. Click on MAX to sell all your tokens. We’ll use BTC in our example.

Enter the desired sell-at price or the price deviation in percentage. Once the order is executed, you will receive the funds in EUR in your Kriptomat account.

Click Preview the transaction to review the details. If all looks good, click on Confirm. That’s it! Your asset will be automatically sold once it reaches your desired price.

Set price alerts

Instead of automatic buying and selling, you might prefer setting up price alerts. This way, you can analyse the market and decide for yourself if you want to buy or sell the asset.

Enabling price alerts lets you stay informed about price movements of your favourite cryptocurrency. On Kriptomat, setting up a price alert is simple.

Log in to your Kriptomat account. Under the Build Portfolio tab select Price Alerts. In the ‘Add a new price alert’ form, select the cryptocurrency you wish to create an alert for and the price when the alert should trigger. You can enter the price manually or set the price deviation in percentage. You can also add an optional note to the alert.

Click on the ‘Save price alert’ button and the alert will instantly be added to your list of alerts. Once the price reaches the required value, the alert will trigger, and you will receive an email notification. If you allowed notifications in your mobile Kriptomat app, you will also receive a notification on your phone.

You can set up multiple alerts for the same or different cryptocurrencies.

To delete an alert, click on the arrow button next to the alert and then on Delete alert button.

Bear in mind that each alert is triggered only once and is automatically deleted right after it is triggered.

Identify potential swing trading opportunities using Kriptomat’s tools

To identify potential buy opportunities on Kriptomat, you can regularly review the Prices and the Explore section of the web app. 

On the Prices page, you can see the list of all the tokens listed on Kriptomat. You can sort them alphabetically, by price, 24h price change, Market cap or 24h volume.

You can also filter them by price change, price range in euro, market cap, 24h volume change or by categories.

By clicking on the star, you can add tokens on your watchlist. In the New tab, you review assets that have recently been listed on Kriptmat. The Gainers section shows tokens that have gained the most value in the last 24h, whereas the Losers tab, displays those that have lost the most value.

By clicking on an individual asset, you’ll get access to more detailed information, such as the token’s circulating supply and the simple or advanced live chart.

To display the chart in full-screen mode, click on the Expand icon. You can change timeframes, and use drawing tools or indicators to perform technical analysis.

Below you can see any price alerts you’ve set up for this asset and the intelligent portfolios in which the asset is featured.

On the Explore page, you can review the top 5 gainers, top 5 losers, as well as the most traded coins in a trice.

Under the Affordable crypto finds, you can discover coins under 0.99 euro, 4.99 euro and 9.99 euro. You can also keep up with the most-watched cryptocurrencies and those that are newly listed on Kriptomat.

Finally, the Categories section lets you discover different types of cryptocurrencies. For example, by clicking on the Meme tab, you will see a list of all meme coins listed on Kriptomat. 

By using the above Kriptomat’s tools, you can carry out the technical and fundamental analysis necessary to spot high-potential swing trading opportunities. By combining this with Kriptomat’s Price alerts and automatic buy and sell orders, you can create a powerful swing trading strategy.

What is the primary function of Kriptomat's Auto Buy/Sell feature?

To automatically trade all types of assets besides cryptocurrencies.
To allow manual trading based on real-time market analysis.
To enable automatic buying and selling of cryptocurrencies at predefined prices.
To set up a recurring buy at a fixed interval.

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What is the minimum amount you can set for an automatic buy order in EUR on Kriptomat?

10 EUR
25 EUR
50 EUR
100 EUR

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How does Kriptomat’s Price alert feature function?

It executes a trade when a cryptocurrency reaches a set price.
It notifies users when the price of a chosen cryptocurrency reaches a specified level.
It automatically sells cryptocurrencies when their price drops.
It blocks further trading if a cryptocurrency's price falls rapidly.

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