We have traveled from all over the globe to congregate in packed Telegram groups and preach to each other’s choirs.

Some of us have come in search of opportunity, others have come because we share Dave Kleiman‘s vision of a decentralized future.

A future where the virus of corruption is sterilized by the bright lights of transparency.

Where economic injustice is regulated out of existence by financial systems that are controlled by democratically designed algorithms.

why everybody deserves crypto

We believe that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or why you’re here, you deserve an equal chance to find freedom, fairness, and financial fulfillment. 

Our economy shapes our society and our currency shapes our destiny, that’s why we need insight into how they function and we need a say in how they are managed.

That’s why we need crypto.

Cryptocurrency is not magic internet money

When you talk to everyday people about cryptocurrency, you’ll find that barely any of them understand what it really is, let alone why it’s important.

Many people really do think cryptocurrency is magic internet money that makes people rich for no reason.

On the other hand, business leaders that thrive off the current system of inequality love to tell the general public that crypto is a Ponzi scheme.

By their logic, every single market where value is defined by supply and demand is a pyramid scheme, because early adopters of all successful markets always reap the greatest rewards.

The difference is, the cryptocurrency market operates in light of day, in plain sight, where we all can see it.

We have a direct say in how it is managed, and everyday people that have been stuck at the bottom of society’s pyramid, finally have an equal chance at opportunity.

kriptomat equal opportunity

We have been spreading the wrong message

It’s time that we, as a community, start doing a better job at communicating why the world needs crypto.

Everyday people need to understand why cryptocurrency is the future of money, they don’t believe us when we tell them it’s a great investment opportunity. Nor should they, because we haven’t told them why.

People are skeptical, everybody knows that nothing is free.

The world needs to understand the tangible benefits crypto offers our society. 

When we get caught up in the hype, we forget why we’re here.

That’s when this powerful technology that offers unprecedented levels of personal sovereignty, economic justice, and social equity gets classified as a bubble.

That’s when they start comparing crypto to tulips.

Tulips have never offered a fragment of the personal and societal benefits that cryptocurrencies do, they are fundamentally different in every single way you could possibly imagine.

kriptomat personal sovereignty

We need to elevate our perspective.

We can start by reminding each other of what’s really important, so when outsiders eavesdrop on us they understand what this movement is truly about.

We need to spend more time exploring what crypto means for society and what it can do for humanity, instead of getting swept up in the noise of emotion that robs our movement of its passion and purpose. 

That’s why we, at Kriptomat, are trying to go beyond just promoting our platform, we want to encourage a dialogue that benefits the entire cryptocurrency community.

Instead of only talking about our platform’s impenetrable security, we want to discuss the security of blockchain as a whole, not to mention the financial security everyday people get from owning deflationary assets.

In our opinion, it’s not enough for us to take pride in the unwavering trust our users have for our team and our service, we want the world to know that the blockchain, as a whole, is a system of economics they can trust, beyond what any other technology has to offer.

Because, at the end of the day, we know that we can do so much more if we work together as a unified community, as a movement, as a culture—instead of shouting into a vacuum.

That’s why we are here, embarking on this mission to revitalize the conversation—because everybody deserves crypto, and it’s our job to help them understand why. 


This text is informative in nature and should not be considered an investment recommendation. It does not express the personal opinion of the author or service. Any investment or trading is risky, and past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. Risk only assets that you are willing to lose.