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Rewards Center (Vouchers)
Terms and Conditions


Activated Voucher means that the user performed the required task(s) to unlock the voucher and has claimed it. When activated, a voucher applies automatically in accordance with these Terms and specific Voucher details. 

Eligible Task means a task required to be performed in order for a Voucher to be unlocked, meaning it can be claimed. 

Kriptomat is a crypto exchange platform and a registered trademark and refers to a legal entity FintechX OÜ; company details at https://kriptomat.io/impressum/

(Kriptomat) Rewards Centre is a section in your Kriptomat account to which you can access when you log in, and includes a selection of Vouchers and your User Rewards Dashboard. By clicking on selected Voucher, you receive a detailed description of the Voucher, the list of tasks you need to perform to activate it, information on the Unlocked Vouchers, and similar. 

Reward means in the scope of these terms a benefit that the user receives by activating (claiming) the Unlocked Voucher.  

Unlocked Voucher means a Voucher for which the Eligible Tasks were successfully performed. The user must claim the voucher in order to activate it (see Activated Voucher definition). 

User Rewards Dashboard (User Dashboard) is a special section within Rewards Center in your Kriptomat Account that includes information about your Unlocked and Activated Vouchers, performed tasks, points, and similar. 

Voucher represents a certain reward, which can be claimed upon fulfilling certain task(s) as described under each Voucher. It always entails a requirement for a user to perform certain action(s), that is – task(s) and to claim the reward, upon which is considered to be activated. 

  • The following terms and conditions apply to the Kriptomat Rewards Center, and to various Vouchers that the users can claim and redeem from Kriptomat after completing certain tasks during certain time spans.
  • Different actions may represent Eligible Tasks for activating Vouchers, as per Kriptomat’s discretion and as determined by Kriptomat at any time. This includes but is not limited to identity verification (KYC), referring a friend, transactions such as deposits, trades (e.g. of certain tokens, of certain value etc.), using different features such as recurring buy, setting up price alerts, adding tokens to the user watchlist. Eligible Tasks are the ones presented in your Rewards Centre as tasks for activating corresponding Vouchers.
  • Kriptomat reserves the right at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion, to determine and/or amend these Terms and Conditions, and conditions of Eligible Taks without prior notice and with immediate effect upon posting the amendments.
  • This includes but is not limited to canceling, extending, terminating or suspending Vouchers, their eligibility terms and criteria, and the timing of any task to be done. All users shall be bound by these amendments with immediate effect upon posting. 
  • If any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
  • Please note that all Vouchers are non-transferable, except if otherwise determined by Kriptomat. That means that they cannot be transferred to other accounts. Vouchers can only be claimed from the account in which the corresponding tasks were performed.
  • You should claim your Vouchers before the expiry date. If a Voucher expires, it will no longer be valid. You will not be able to extend the expiry date or exchange the Voucher for any other Voucher or Rewards. It is your responsibility to claim any Vouchers allocated to you. Kriptomat shall not alert you of the upcoming or expiry of any Voucher.
  • After claiming a Voucher, it is considered active. Certain Active Vouchers also need to be used before their expiry date, which is always shown to the user. If an Active Voucher expires, it will no longer be valid. It is your responsibility to use the Vouchers you claimed. Kriptomat shall not alert you of the upcoming or expiry of any Active Voucher. After the expiration of an Active Voucher, it becomes inactive, whereas the expiry date cannot be extended, nor can the Voucher be exchanged for any other rewards.

How to activate the vouchers: 

Users will be able to enjoy the Reward the Voucher entails upon completion of the Eligible Tasks as required for that selected Voucher within a certain time and under certain conditions. To activate the Vouchers the user will need to claim them within a determined time, which is shown to the user in the Rewards Center under the section pertaining to that particular Voucher.

Types of tasks:

  1. There are group tasks in which different Eligible Tasks can be combined to lead to unlocking a single Voucher, upon their completion. The user needs to collect a certain amount of points, whereas each task carries a predefined number of points. Kriptomat reserves the right to introduce new and change old combinations at any time.

Example. User needs to collect 100 points and has the following tasks available: 

  • Adding 5 new tokens to the watchlist carries 20 points. 
  • Buying any minimum amount of not previously owned tokens carries 5 points per bought token (can be repeated up to 20 times).
  • Refer a friend (introduce Kriptomat to a friend who opens up a Kriptomat account and verifies it (KYC) – 10 points per friend.

You add 5 new tokens to the watchlist (20 points), buy 12 previously not owned tokens (60 points), and refer two friends that pass KYC (20 points). You have now reached a total of 100 points, the Voucheris unlocked and can be claimed.

  1. And then there are exclusive tasks which, upon completion, also lead to unlocking a single Voucher. 

Example. Refer 5 friends: introduce Kriptomat to 5 people who will open an account with Kriptomat, verify their identity (KYC), and make their first purchase as explained in the Referral Terms and you will be able to claim a Voucher .

Example disclaimer

Examples serve only as that – examples. They do not set the rules in terms of tasks and rewards nature, description, and values, nor do they determine the relevant processes in any way. We, Kriptomat, reserve the right to amend the tasks and rewards at any time and in any manner we find suitable, which will be always shown to you in your user dashboard in real-time.

We may change voucher and/or task names, descriptions, and requirements from time to time. Available tasks and rewards will always be shown to you in the rewards center.

Not all tasks and their corresponding rewards will be open to you at all times. Some rewards will only be unlocked once you complete other tasks and claim their corresponding rewards. This will always be clearly communicated to you.

Types of vouchers:

There are different types of Vouchers that you can receive for your activity:

  • Transaction Discount Voucher

Transaction Discount Voucher gives you a certain discount expressed either in percentage or nominal FIAT value (e.g  EUR) that automatically applies to your transaction orders to which the discount applies. The details are presented under the Voucher description in the Rewards Centre. The user pays the remaining transaction fee, that is the amount left when the transaction fee discount is deducted from the transaction fee).  If the total amount of the corresponding transaction fee of the transaction order is greater than the balance of the Transaction fee discount Voucher, the user will only pay the remaining transaction fee (the Transaction fee discount is deducted from the transaction fee).

  • Transaction Credit Voucher 

Transaction Credit Voucher represents a certain value that you cash in when paying the transaction fee(s). Each time you make a transaction, your transaction fee gets reduced until you completely consume the trade value of the Voucher (until you use up the entire value or until the Voucher expires). 

Example. You have a transaction credit voucher of 50 EUR which means each time you make a transaction your fee is zero up until the Voucher value is zero and you have consumed the Voucher completely or until it has expired. 

If the total amount of the corresponding transaction fees of eligible orders is greater than the remaining balance of the Transaction Credit Voucher, the user will only be able to consume the Transaction credit reflecting the remaining balance of the Voucher, whereas the rest of the transaction fees will need to be paid from an alternative source.

  • Cashback Voucher

Cashback Voucher is when your account gets credited with a transaction fee cashback in USDT (at the current exchange course on our platform) for each buy or sell transaction.

Example: Each time you buy BTC for EUR you get charged a fee of e.g. 1.45 EUR, which would then be returned to you in the form of USDT = 1.50, which you can then use freely.

  • Cash Voucher

Cash Voucher is the crypto currency you receive credited to your Kriptomat account in a defined amount. This crypto you can use however you choose.

Percentage, nominal and other values of Vouchers,  expiry dates and validity times, as well as all other aspects of a reward or its corresponding tasks are left to our sole discretion and may be changed from time to time.

Other rules:

  • You may also receive coupons (coupon codes), which you can redeem in your user dashboard in exchange for rewards. Coupons can also expire, after which they are not exchangeable nor usable in any other way. 
  • Different Vouchers may have different validity periods/expiry periods. 
  • Some Rewards have limited quantity, and can be removed at any time from the User Dashboard after stock depletion.
  • Rewards will be applied to transactions on a first in – first out basis, meaning that the reward you claim the earliest, and which is not consumed nor expired, will be applied first. This means you may not choose the reward you wish to apply yourself, but are applied on the explained pre-defined system.
  • As per the Terms of Use and in compliance with local regulations, the Vouchers or Rewards may not be available in every region.
  • All ongoing and consumed or expired Voucherswill be shown to the user in the Rewards Center in the Sser Dashboard. Rewards center is where you can track not only the expiry dates, but also the remaining/consumed portion of the Rewards, as well as previous Rewards, if applicable.
  • Once successfully claimed, the Voucher will be activated. Once active, a
    Transaction fee discount voucher will be automatically consumed with the next transaction(s),
    – Cash-back voucher will be accredited back to user account after next transaction(s),
    – Cash voucher will be accredited immediately to user account, and
    – Transaction credit voucher will be accredited immediately to user account for the user to consume as payment for the next transaction fee(s) 
  • To get more information on the tasks and/or reward details, please go to [Reward Center] – [Unlock rewards] or [Earned rewards] or click [Detail] on the Voucher. 
  • Kriptomat may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate, restrict, or suspend any user’s participation in the Voucher campaign for breach of these Terms, or if we find that your method of or intentions for participating in the campaign do not meet the conditions and purpose as defined in the Terms, or we suspect any fraud or any manipulation of the rules or abuse of Vouchers. Kriptomat, therefore, reserves the right to suspend your account or to deny, cancel the distribution, deactivate your rewards, deduct any rewards from your Kriptomat account, or decline awarding them, in the event that it determines or believes that reward was received in a fraudulent manner, in manipulation or in violation of the Terms, or by an error, including technical errors.
  • Kriptomat reserves the right to the final interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Kriptomat General Terms and Conditions, Referral Terms and any other applicable Terms apply as well.


You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and Kriptomat is not liable for any losses that you may incur. You acknowledge and agree therefore that you shall assume all risks related to any and all of your trading activities and that Kriptomat shall not be liable for any such risks or adverse outcomes. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and also ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Digital asset prices can be very volatile. The value of your investment will fluctuate and you may not get back the amount invested. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions and the full Risk Disclaimer for more information.


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