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Where and how to buy Metaverse Miner (META)

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About Metaverse Miner


Player Base: More than 11,000+ PLAYERS




Device: WEB


Blockchain: BNB


Status: LIVE

What is Metaverse Miner?

Metaverse Miner is a metaverse-style adventure game set far in the future. The setting is a simulated universe that was created with the assistance of mysterious supercomputer “droplets.”

The creators of the metaverse synchronized physical laws and human consciousness within the simulation, creating a virtual universe that connects all living consciousness. Human life gradually migrates to the Metaverse.

Eventually, the supercomputer “droplets” that power and maintain the metaverse simulation prove inadequate to the huge project’s demands. The Metaverse Management Federation starts a project called Metaverse Miner.

As a player, you’re part of that project. Your job is to explore distant galaxies and mine various primal energies there, broadening the Metaverse to include every human planet.

The META token is the Metaverse Miner in-game currency.

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Where and how to buy Metaverse Miner (META)

  1. Download Kriptomat App
    To start your Metaverse Miner journey, download the Kriptomat app and create your account in minutes. It’s available on both iOS and Android.
  2. Go to your Web3 wallet
    Visit your Web3 wallet. It is the simplest way to access the Web3 world. Click Discover to find Metaverse Miner among the most exciting games we have listed here.
  3. Buy META with a credit card
    Click the open game wallet button to see all available options and select Topup META. Choose the amount and buy it directly with your credit card.
  4. Play Metaverse Miner
    Now that you have META tokens, you can get full access to all the features of Metaverse Miner. You can connect your Kriptomat Web3 Wallet and purchase in-game NFTs. It’s just that easy!
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