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Crypto <> Fiat On-Ramp
for your app

Increase revenue with an easy-to-integrate widget that lets your users buy crypto without leaving your app.

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A few lines of code,
that’s all

Integrate Kripto Ramp into your website or mobile app easily with just a few lines of code. Customisable features to create the optimal user journey.
POST https://appapi.kriptomat.io/widget/init { token": "6a7d2e91d4cff64939450c74001da4f24", "asset_type": "eth", "to_address": "0x686c626E48bfC5DC98a30a999, "amount": 35, "amount_type": "fiat", }


Extensive coverage of crypto and fiat

We provide a secure and regulated crypto exchange service in 20+ languages across 70+ countries. Continuously adding new fiat and cryptocurrencies.


Wide range of payment methods offered

Accept payments by credit card, debit card and SEPA bank transfer. 10+ fiat currencies offered.

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The popular cryptos
customers want

Support for major blockchains, tokens and stable-coins,
250+ cryptocurrencies supported.


We support companies across a wide range of industries

Your users will not have to leave your platform when buying and selling crypto.

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Crypto Wallets

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Swap Services

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Mining Pools

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Decentralised Exchanges

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Centralised Exchanges

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NFT Platforms

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Crypto Coins and Tokens

Are you a fintech company or a neobank looking to offer your customers crypto?
Our Kripto Exchange White Label API solution might be just for you!

Simple, secure and built to convert


Quick and compliant
identity verification

Our instant KYC verification process is easy with clear instructions every step of the way. Our data sync feature ensures that your users will never have to go through KYC identification twice.

Step 1
Confirm email address.
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Step 2
Take a photo of a government-issued ID.
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Step 3
Take a selfie.
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All chargebacks handled by us for your peace of mind

We manage the reversing of transactions and contact you directly. This reduces risk and any fraud associated with payments.


Risk mitigation

Kripto Ramp handles all matters relating to compliance for crypto and fiat payments, including KYC, AML and fraud monitoring.


Get started today!


Key questions

What is the difference between Kripto Ramp and Kripto Exchange White Label API?

Kripto Ramp is a fiat to crypto (and back) widget that gives your users a safe purchasing option without leaving your platform. It is a WordPress plug-in (with Kriptomat branding) that can be set up quickly and easily. Kripto Exchange White Label API is our REST API which allows your users to buy and sell crypto directly on your website or app. Our API runs in the back-end so Kriptomat’s branding will not be visible on your platform. The Kripto Exchange White Label API solution offers wallet infrastructure and a segregated account for your transactions through our banking partners while Kripto Ramp sends funds directly to external wallet addresses. Regarding payment methods, Kripto Ramp allows users to buy crypto via credit cards and SEPA while Kripto Exchange White Label API allows purchases via SEPA (additional payment methods soon to come). 

What additional functionalities can be added to these solutions?

Most additional functionalities are offered via the Kripto Exchange White Label API product. These include recurring buy, earn, wallet support, a segregated account for your transactions through our banking partners and other features.

Reasons why KYC verification documents might be rejected

As a government regulated service and in order to ensure the security of Kriptomat users’ accounts and transactions, Kriptomat may decline certain EUR deposit transactions. For more information check this article in help pages

What are your exchange fees and limits?

Please check our pare about fees and limits

How long does a SEPA deposit or withdrawal of your funds take?

For more information about this please check this page in our help section.

How long does a credit card purchase take?

Transactions are instant. For a full tutorial of how to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card, please see the following link.

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