Kriptomat Widget – The easy, safe way to give your users crypto

Our new widget makes it easy for you to embed a secure, fully customizable cryptocurrency purchasing system into your website, app or game.

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Kriptomat Widget

If you’re a game or app developer or run an e-commerce platform and you’re looking to incorporate crypto payments in a seamless, easy to implement way, we’ve come up with the perfect solution that takes the hassle and complexity out of the process while leaving you in total control.

We’re proud to unveil the Kriptomat Widget, the fiat to crypto (and back) solution that gives your customers a safe purchasing option without leaving your environment.

If you’re looking to incorporate crypto payments or rewards into your product, you’ve no doubt come across this dilemma – how to give your users the option to buy and redeem their crypto without navigating away from your service and either lose interest or trust.

Remember: You want your users to have and use crypto and for it to be easy for them to get it. You don’t want them to give up on your project before they even get started.

The Kriptomat widget not only solves these issues but also gives you and your users easy access to crypto through a legally compliant service that handles the complexities and liability for you.

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Packed with great features

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Reach your markets

The Kriptomat Widget features a selection of over 30 cryptocurrencies (with more added regularly) and is available in 20 languages. We also offer dedicated support in all these languages, giving you access to new markets without the need to build your own support teams.
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Earn more

Unlike many other exchanges, we don’t charge you any setup fees, and we even reward you for using our service with a revenue share model. You can further supplement this revenue stream by adding a mark-up to all transactions.
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Real time transaction details

We’ve also incorporated webhooks, which means you can fully integrate the widget into any existing or future rewards system and services you offer. This makes it the perfect tool to easily monetize your game or app.

Complete control

We know that good solutions rely on good user experience, which is why the Kriptomat Widget is completely customisable.

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Change the colours to match your site or app and create that ‘native experience’ feel.
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Make the process easy for users by adding preset wallet addresses, currency types and amounts.
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Then choose how you want to display the widget – in a new page, embedded as an iframe or opened in a utility window.
The Kriptomat philosophy rests on making crypto easily available for everyone, and we’ve incorporated that into every part of the experience with this new feature.

Want to see an example?

We’ve already helped the guys at Kepithor Studios implement our widget in their game – Kingdom Karnage.

You can see exactly how the widget works and read their blog about the project. We’re looking forward to helping you bring the amazing world of cryptocurrencies to your users.

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Ready to get started?

We’ll get you up and running in no time. Simply follow these three easy steps

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Register at Kriptomat

Open an account at Kriptomat. It is fast and simple.
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Get Widget credentials

Contact us by email [email protected] that you want to integrate our widget.
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Integrate widget

The integration of the widget is fast and simple. You can read more about it in Documentation.
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