Create and integrate the world’s most advanced digital assets within minutes.

What are blockchains really good for? We know that they offer completely censorship-resistant and decentralized databases, which makes them revolutionary for adoption in all kinds of applications. For obvious reasons, the most talked about application has to do with the monetary system, but we at Kriptomat strongly believe that the gaming industry has the potential to really launch crypto into the mainstream and to the proverbial moon.

That is why we are excited to announce the industry-leading “Kriptomat Mint Portal” where anyone will be able to mint their own customized Non-fungible and Fungible tokens based on the ERC-1155 standardthe most advanced form of digital asset in the world.

Trust us, the blockchain multiverse just got a whole lot more interesting!

Overcoming the growing pains

Let’s be honest, many blockchain applications are overhyped or there is a misunderstanding of the degree of decentralization that is required. The innovative Ethereum ERC1155 multi-token standard is an exception as it enables the creation of non-fungible and fungible blockchain items, giving you an opportunity to create something truly unique and non-interchangeable or something that can function as a currency.

Imagine a special Dragon or a special sword that can be used across multiple platforms and applications. Or a rare token that gives you special access and lowers your trading fees. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about ;).

If you ever tried to mint an item, then you know that it can be extremely fun. Our experience also tells us that people want to mint their own customized non-fungible tokens, but the problem is that this has always been quite difficult. There is a huge learning curve and plenty of technical obstacles.

The Enjin Platform completely changed this by enabling developers to mint assets without needing to deploy smart contracts and now we’re taking it to the next level by creating a user-facing minting portal which will provide a never-before-seen degree of simplicity to anyone (even non-developers) who would like to just type in a few details and create a token in minutes. We are determined to make it so simple that a toddler could do it!

You will no longer have to deal with coding interfaces or possess programming knowledge. And even if you already do, your life will now be drastically simplified.

A fruitful collaboration with Enjin

In our ongoing relationship with Enjin, we recognized the massive potential in this technological movement so we boldly decided to integrate ERC-1155 tokens as rewards in Kriptomat, our fast-growing, regulated crypto exchange.

Gamification of our exchange

Our goal is to create a leading-edge customer facing blockchain based loyalty system. We also plan to intensely gamify the loyalty system by creating a Dragon breeding game that is immensely fun and provides users with valuable blockchain items that can be used in multiple games.

However, our ultimate goal is to create a template that other retailers can use to gamify their online stores which will allow us to scale this out across the 24 trillion dollars retail market.

Introducing the Kriptomat Mint Shop Powered by Enjin

kriptomat mint platform

The first step in creating our loyalty platform required a deep understanding of the Enjin platform. We needed to learn their API through and through. We quickly realized how powerful it was and how easy it would be for us to create our minting portal. And so we did!

A demonstration of the Minting platform

The mastermind behind all this is our CEO, Srdjan Mahmutovich, and he has prepared a detailed video overview of the Minting platform. Take a look!

Anything that can be added to a paper ledger, can be added to a blockchain ledger, therefore, anything that can be owned, can be owned on the blockchain. We also know that people want to mint tokens for different purposes, not just as gaming items.

Apply for beta and help us improve!

You can already pre-register at if you want to get beta access to the platform.

For now, we will give access only to early adopters who have Mainnet access. Soon after that, we will open it up for all the developers on the Enjin Platform who have Testnet access.

We will also be releasing a REST API so developers can build their own apps. Other tools will be offered to simplify development as we build our own loyalty system in order to give back to the community and grow the ecosystem.

After we collect enough feedback, we will open the minting platform to the public. So get ready to turn on your creative juices because you will be able to mint whatever you want!

Note: we’re happy to announce that holders of the Kriptomat Founder’s Token will receive one free mint through this platform when it launches in a month or two.

In conclusion …

We believe that the world will get hooked on ERC1155 tokens, so we wanted to give something really meaningful to the community because we really believe that this will help it grow and mature.

We want to thank the Enjin Community for their amazing support and help build the necessary infrastructure to facilitate mass adoption!

However, we would also greatly appreciate your feedback! Blockchain projects are community driven, so it would mean a lot if you could provide any sort of constructive comments and suggestions on how we could improve!

Contact us on telegram or post your thoughts in the comments below!


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