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mark zuckerburg explains how libra will help facebook corner the ad market
Mark Zuckerburg explains how Libra will help Facebook corner the ad market

During his hearing in congress yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg was asked by Congressman David Kustoff (R-Tenn) to explain how Facebook will monetize Libra.

wall street is bullish on crypto
Wall Street Is Bullish on Crypto

The crypto market’s spring 2021 fall from historic highs may have caused smaller investors some alarm, but interest from investment banks and venture capitalists has intensified. User demands is forcing Wall Street to take crypto seriously.

celebs make crypto fashionable
Celebs Make Crypto Fashionable

More and more social media stars are embracing cryptocurrencies and NFTs. From singers and models to NBA stars and corporate CEOs, social media influencers are exciting their followers and affecting crypto prices.

it’s our biggest referral promotion ever
It’s Our Biggest Referral Promotion Ever

Get ready for excitement and lots of BTC rewards. We’re launching our biggest-ever Invite a Friend promotion with the highest rewards we have ever offered – and a chance to earn even more with an amazing 20,000 € prize pool.

AAA-Quality Blockchain Game Launches on Ethereum Mainnet

Garage Studios just announced that their tactical first-person shooter (FPS) blockchain game, Dissolution, is live on Ethereum Mainnet.

zcash founder signals move to proof of stake
Zcash Founder Signals Move to Proof of Stake

Zooko Wilcox, who collaborated with Satoshi Nakamoto on the original Bitcoin implementation, argues that a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism would bring better performance, lower fees, and enhanced security to Zcash users.

slovenia considers 10% crypto tax
Slovenia Considers 10% Crypto Tax

Slovenian tax authorities have proposed a 10 percent flat tax on crypto income. The tax, which would be levied when profits are converted to fiat currency, would replace the current case-by-case method of calculating taxes due.

kriptomat supports apecoin (ape)
Kriptomat Supports ApeCoin (APE)

We are pleased to announce that ApeCoin – one of the crypto world’s most exciting new tokens – is available for trading at Kriptomat.

estonia-based crypto trading platform kriptomat has been nominated for ica compliance award
Estonia-Based Crypto Trading Platform Kriptomat has been Nominated for ICA Compliance Award
China Invests Heavily into Blockchain Technology

Speaking as part of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on Thursday in Beijing, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, told the assembly that blockchain technology has a wide range of potential applications within China.

bitcoin sv hit by 51% attack
Bitcoin SV Hit by 51% Attack

BSV miners conspired to replace more than 500,000 valid transactions with fraudulent ones. It’s the latest in a series of attacks on BSV. So-called “51% attacks” are an infamous point of vulnerability for Proof of Stake networks.

no end in sight for crypto market rebound
No End in Sight for Crypto Market Rebound

Cryptocurrency prices are rebounding from 2021’s summer decline. Bitcoin has climbed to more than €44,000 in recent days, and Ether’s price has topped €3,300. Many analysts say they see no sign of the bull market’s end.

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