How to buy Loopring (LRC)?

In summary, this is how you buy LRC:

  1. Create your free Kriptomat account.
  2. Get verified in 2 minutes.
  3. Select a payment method (credit card or bank deposit).
  4. Deposit your funds to your Kriptomat account.
  5. Select Loopring (LRC) on the list of currencies.
  6. Click BUY and get LRC to your free digital wallet.

buy loopring

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Buy Loopring

Buy LRC at the current price

You can buy Loopring directly with euro on Kriptomat with a credit card or via SEPA bank transfer. A fast, easy and secure way to expand your crypto portfolio! It just takes a few clicks. See what you get at the current Loopring (LRC) price.

How to Buy Loopring now?

Want to buy Loopring with a credit card instantly? Kriptomat has you covered! You can now buy LRC by following two simple steps:

1. Create Your Free Kriptomat Account

Create your Kriptomat account in just a few minutes! Open your email and click on the confirmation link.

2. Get Verified and Buy LRC

You must verify your account before buying Loopring on Kriptomat. You need to upload your national ID or passport to get verified. Once your documents are approved, you can instantly buy Loopring with your credit or debit card!

Buy Loopring with a Bank Transfer (SEPA)

We here at Kriptomat are constantly working to further improve your user experience. You can also buy Loopring with SEPA Bank Transfer! For you, this means lower fees and higher deposit limits!

Please note that this payment option is available for users with a SEPA bank account. To see if you can buy LRC with SEPA or card, click HERE.

Loopring wallet - how to store your LRC?

Once you buy LRC, the currency will be sent to your Kriptomat Loopring wallet. All our users get a free & secure digital wallet on Kriptomat.

Your LRC will be safe and secure, so you are always able to buy/sell your LRC. Of course, you can also send your Loopring to your own private wallet, if you feel the need for it. Fast and easy, send it from your Kriptomat wallet.

Buy Loopring with a Credit/Debit card

You don’t have access to a SEPA account? No problem! We also give you the option to buy Loopring with a credit or a debit card at Kriptomat. You have to make sure that the credit/debit card belongs to you.

How to use your credit card to buy LRC? Our Knowledgebase has a detailed & friendly step-by-step guide!

Kriptomat - the fast, safe and easy way to buy, sell and store your favourite cryptocurrencies!

Buying Loopring with Kriptomat is super easy. You can buy LRC from your computer at home or by using your smartphone while you’re out and about. Our friendly customer service is here to assist you at all times. Drop in if you have any questions connected to registration, verification or purchase.