Play, win and create your own discounts

At Kriptomat we believe that adoption is everything.

That's why we're giving back to the crypto community by creating technology that's so easy to adopt that we're using it ourselves.

We are also using this technology to give back to our users by providing a fun, exciting, and profitable rewards system that gives them an undeniably compelling reason to make Kriptomat their first choice when buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Play, win and create your own discounts

At Kriptomat we believe that adoption is everything.

That’s why we’re giving back to the crypto community by creating technology that’s so easy to adopt that we’re using it ourselves.

We are also using this technology to give back to our users by providing a fun, exciting, and profitable rewards system that gives them an undeniably compelling reason to make Kriptomat their first choice when buying and selling cryptocurrency.

The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

The most robust retail rewards program that the blockchain industry has ever seen!

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Step 1: Earn Kriptos

Use Kriptomat and our partner sites to earn powerful gems called Kriptos.

These sacred gems will open portals that take you to new dimensions full of games and prizes.

Don’t want to collect epic dragons and save cryptocurrency? You can even trade your gems and let someone else have all the fun!

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Step 2: Play & Win

Play games and win valuable ingredients that will help you on your way to becoming a true Dragon Rider of Kriptomat.

There is no limit to the number of games you can play and ingredients you can win.

You will even be able to trade your ingredients on the open market to fast-track your progress and collect the Dragons you desire.

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Step 3: Collect & Craft

Collect the right ingredients to breed powerful dragons who will help you hoard your crypto and travel with you to other worlds.

Each Kriptomat Dragon has a unique power so it’s important to strategize your trading and collecting and work towards acquiring the dragon who will serve you best.

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Step 4: Use Your Collectibles

Kriptomat Dragons can be extremely useful to those who know how to work with them.

Each dragon has a unique ability that will help you amass more crypto within the Kriptomat exchange.

Every dragon is also a beast of the multiverse, which means travelers who have the ability to move through multiple gaming worlds will often be able to take their dragons with them.


All of these Enjin-powered collectibles are stored on the Ethereum blockchain which means you can own them forever, trade them freely, or sell them for a profit.

Dragon eggs

You can tell a dragon egg when you see it because its scales will glimmer like stars in the moonlight. The shade of each eggshell indicates the color of the dragon within.

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Dragons have evolved to thrive in very specific habitats. They have developed powers to help them adapt to their environments but it also means they struggle to grow foreign ecosystems.


Elixirs are made from dragon's blood. In the past, dragon's eggs would only hatch under the protection of a nesting dragon. Riders first started using elixirs to hatch dragon eggs independently. After centuries of artificial breeding, most dragons have lost their ability to nest and now rely on Dragon Riders to hatch their eggs for them.

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Dragons have evolved specific tastes depending on what environments their ancestors resided in. The gift and the curse of every dragon is that he or she is an intense concentration of distinct elements. This means some foods provide certain dragons an abnormal amount of nutrition while other seemingly harmless foods can be poison to that same dragon.

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Craft Dragons

Dragons of Kriptomat are some of the most powerful creatures in the multiverse. They can ride with you through multiple worlds where they can exert their special powers in different ways. While in Kriptomat they will help you stockpile your cryptocurrency by transporting it for you instead of having to pay fees to your local merchant.


Dragons are a master of their environment, they have the ultimate ability to harness and propagate the elements that suit their bloodline. In the same vein, alien environments, foods, and elixirs can be very detrimental to their growth.

It’s important to gather the right ingredients when breeding a dragon to ensure he or she can grow into a powerful beast that will serve you diligently.

Dragons are fiercely loyal, so when you own one, you own it forever. Unless you choose to give it away, in which case it will serve its new owner just as faithfully.

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Kriptomat is a world of great fortune. The most valuable of its riches are called cryptocurrencies. A powerful form of energy that exists beyond the world's physical plane, somewhere between electricity and magic.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely valuable because they can power incredible machines that are used throughout the Multiverse. Because of its immaterial state, transporting and trading cryptocurrency is very difficult for the average citizen. It requires complex technology that is usually controlled by merchants who charge a fee for their service.

Kriptmat's dragons have the ability to store cryptocurrency in their fifth stomach, they can ingest it like food and breathe it like fire. Skilled Dragon Riders rarely pay cryptocurrency merchants because their dragons are more than willing to act as their vehicle of prosperity. However, it does take an enormous toll on the beasts, so they can only perform a limited amount of transactions.

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Trade Your Assets

Your Kriptos, ingredients, and collectibles are all Powered by Enjin on the Ethereum blockchain which means they are fully tradable.

We recommend Enjinx.io as your secure port of call for buying and selling Kriptomat blockchain assets.

Always make sure to trade on a trusted escrow-based trading platform. There are a lot of people out there who would do anything to get their hands on your Kriptomat collectibles!

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Multiverse - use in other games

Kriptomat Dragons are wondrous beasts, they can exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Travelers with the power to explore interconnected universes will be able to take their dragons with them everywhere they go.

However, dragon souls have evolved differently in each world so while the essence of the dragon always remains the same its form can vary greatly in each world.

Here is a list of known worlds that your dragon's essence is connected to.

war of crypto 14
the six dragons 15
forest knight 16
kingdom karnage 17
crypto fights 18
containment corps 19
cats in mechs 20
bitcoin hodler 21
alterverse 22
age of rust 23
9 lives arena 24

The making of Dragon Riders

At Kriptomat, we are passionate about blockchain adoption so we don't do anything in half measures. We have put painstaking thought and effort into perfecting your user experience from a development standpoint and as a creative experience. Take one look at our amazing artists in action and you will clearly see the love and dedication we have poured into this rewards program.

Epic giveaways

Thanks to the blockchain we can give away Kriptos, ingredients, and collectibles.

As with all our giveaways, everyone wins something!

There are no giveaways at the moment.

Follow our social media to find out about new giveaways!

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