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What Is the Future of the Blockchain Revolution?

Blockchain technology has established itself as the foundation of modern cryptocurrencies. It supports the DeFi market and NFTs. But a killer app has not yet emerged to propel blockchains into the mainstream and make them an unremarkable part of everyday experience.

Today’s Best Real-World Blockchain Use Cases

When we hear the word blockchain, we naturally think of cryptocurrencies. But blockchain technology offers unique power and flexibility to developers targeting a wide variety of domains. Here are a baker’s dozen of the most promising.

Pros and Cons of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain-based currencies, applications, and services are being adopted by more people every day. The demands of real-world performance work as a sort of stress test, exposing the strengths and weaknesses of blockchain technology.

An Essential Blockchain Security Guide

People say blockchain technology is highly secure, but the news is full of stories about scams, hacks, and security breaches that result in millions of euros in losses. What’s the truth about blockchains? How can you keep your crypto secure?

guarding against phishing attacks
Guarding Against Phishing Attacks

In a phishing attack, hackers try to gain access to your account and your crypto funds by impersonating an official email or web page. Here is advice for safeguarding your account against these ingenious and increasingly common attacks.

what is the metaverse and why should anyone care?
What Is the Metaverse and Why Should Anyone Care?

The Metaverse is more than a pretty interface. Blockchain technology could provide key elements of a technical foundation that transforms the internet from a place where we work and share memes to a place where we would happily spend our lives.

what is the difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain?
What Is the Difference Between Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

The crypto world is full of jargon, and words are sometimes used casually in informal discussions. Here’s a quick explanation of the key features that distinguish blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens.

a brief history of blockchain technology that everyone should read
A Brief History of Blockchain Technology That Everyone Should Read

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin wasn’t the first digital currency – or even the first blockchain. Here is an eye-opening look at the origins and evolution of blockchain technology – plus a glimpse of the peer-to-peer future that awaits us.

what is the crypto market?
What Is the Crypto Market?

Here is a quick tour of the crypto market and the benefits it offers to investors.

types of cryptocurrency
Types of Cryptocurrency

The crypto revolution started with Bitcoin in 2009, but thousands of coins and tokens have been launched since then. Does the world really need all of these cryptocurrencies? What on earth are all of these cryptos for?

what is a blockchain wallet and how does it work?
What Is a Blockchain Wallet and How Does It Work?

It is reasonable to think of your crypto wallet as a safe that holds your crypto funds. There’s nothing wrong with envisioning it that way. But the technical reality is quite a bit more interesting, in an admittedly nerdy way.

how to withdraw funds from kriptomat
How To Withdraw Funds From Kriptomat

Kriptomat makes it easy for users to transfer funds from Kriptomat accounts to their bank accounts via SEPA wire transfer. You simply log in to your account and navigate to your wallet. Be sure to convert your funds to euros first!

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